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What is invasion?

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What is invasion?

The question of what is invasion cannot be answered unambiguously. The literal translation of the Latin word invasio means attack, invasion. Similarly, the word is used in Russian.

What is invasion in medicine

The most widely used term is doctors. They even have several meanings, what is invasion:

  • infection of a human or animal by parasites. Particular manifestations of such an invasion are described in the article Why the eyes itch;
  • diseases caused by parasitic "settlement" or arising in connection with the transportation of pathogens into the body by unwanted "neighbors";
  • mechanism of metastasis: the separation and settlement of cancer cells;
  • the term "invasion" is used in psychology. By this is meant the twilight state in which the unconscious prevails over consciousness.

The biological meaning of the term

Botanists and zoologists call invasion spontaneous resettlement of plants and animals in areas where they were not previously observed.A prerequisite is that a person should not participate in this process, that is, the importation, say, of rabbits to Australia or agricultural crops of new cereals, is not considered invasion.

What is invasion in chemistry

In this science, invasion is the penetration (dissolution) of a gas into any liquid. The opposite is the flow of liquid into the gas; This process is called Evasia.


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