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What is interesting to see in Helsinki

Open air museum on the island of Seurassaari.The museum is an ordinary Finnish village. About hundreds of wooden houses, farms, churches, mills, stables, sheds. But the most interesting thing is that the items collected here were brought from all over Finland! In all the buildings you can go and see the household items of Finnish peasants. And in the wooden church of the museum, wedding ceremonies are still taking place. You can come to the museum for the whole day. Here you can find a beach, a cafe, barbecue areas and a park with hand squirrels.

Senate square.The peculiarity of this area is Alexander II. Or rather, a monument to Alexander II, who granted autonomy to the Finns. In addition, the Cathedral and the mansions of the 18th century dominate the square. Straight piece of Russia in Finland.

Train Station.The station is a monument of architecture, made in the Art Nouveau style. Especially attracted the attention of the Atlanta, standing at the main entrance. The station is beautiful for its details, both outside and inside.

Church Temppeliaukio.This Lutheran church was built in an interesting way right in the rock. It looks original and looks like a UFO plate. Organ concerts are often held in this church, and they say it very, very beautifully. In Temppeliaukio one of the best acoustics in the world.

Suomenlinanna Sea Fortress.The fortress was built by the Swedes, but it still got to the Finns. The sea fortress is located on six islands, and was one of the bases of the Russian Baltic Fleet. On the islands you can see the huge Vesikko submarine, barracks, bastions, docks and forts. All kept in very good condition.

Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA.This museum exhibits avant-garde art, as well as conduct events dedicated to contemporary dance, theater, cinema. Interesting creative meetings and workshops are often held here. The museum building itself is also interesting: large spaces and soft lines give a feeling of freedom. The Museum of Modern Art is not at all like a museum in our understanding of the word.

Sea Life Center.Walking through the ten-meter glass tunnel, you need to be ready for a meeting with sharks, jellyfish, stingrays and other marine fish and reptiles. The most interesting thing in the center is feeding the animals.Especially a large number of spectators going on feeding sharks and piranhas. Apparently our people love the thrill.

Tower of the Olympic Stadium.Although the tower itself is nothing original, but it offers a breathtaking view of the city and the Gulf of Finland. Therefore, to leave this landmark without attention is simply impossible!


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