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What is good spring?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 3, 2013
What is good spring?

We all look forward to spring. For some reason, the snow and long frosts are not encouraging, as in childhood. It's no fun making a snowman, throwing snowballs and sledding. Ski resorts closed until the next season, and winter became a burden. Now everyone is set up only for heat, from everywhere he hears: “When will spring come?”. Have you ever wondered how good spring is?


When the first two come, so you want to walk and not think about anything! To replace heavy down jackets, fur coats and sheepskin coats come jackets and jackets. Everyone is tired of the constant cold, waiting for heat, since with his arrival good mood returns, new forces come, emotions renew. Why spring always want to fall in love? Yes, because it is not only externally felt that it is warm, but also internally. In the question of how good spring is, the main answer for all dreamers is romance. Heat with a plus sign appears not only on the thermometer, but also in the shower.


What can be seen in the winter? Practically nothing, because there is little that is visible behind the mountains of snow.But spring brings long-awaited colors that make bright not only everything around, but also the mood of each person. Depression associated with lethargy ends, she is replaced by vigor and confidence. Every tree comes to life, and with it man. Green, yellow, blue, red and pink colors absorb around the whole gray winter mass, transforming the world into a new one, as if just born. Nature takes on a new look, and this is important in what spring is good. Vegetables and fruits appear, they bring a new supply of vitamins, which were so lacking in winter. The first warm sun comes out, charging everyone with energy!

New opportunities

New opportunities appear, new goals are achieved. Fashionistas know perfectly well that in spring there are trendy collections of clothes, and in the warm season there are opportunities to show them. There are forces for new perspectives, new work. There is a desire to go to the top, to achieve more. A veil of laziness passes, which did not allow itself to be sought. With the advent of spring, new and fresh ideas appear that are destined to come true. But the main thing for which spring is so loved and awaited is the subsequent coming of summer.


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