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What is DCS?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 5, 2015
What is DCS?

The abbreviation DCS may not be known to everyone, although it is used in different areas of life.

DCS is an abbreviation that stands for Distributed Control System. This is a special process control system, which is characterized by decentralization in data processing and a device for the distribution of leads and inputs.

But what is DCS in other areas? Let's consider.

Other meanings

  • The abbreviation DCS is also used in air travel, namely at the airport itself. From English, this abbreviation can be referred to as the Departure Control System, which means a fully automatic check-in system for both passengers and their baggage.
  • The abbreviation DCS is also used in the field of electronic games. Here you can decode it as. These computer games belong to a series of flight simulators. They are created by a Russian company called.
  • The abbreviation DCS is used as a radio code. In this case, it is a special sound that is mixed with the voice of the operator and transmitted along with it on the air. DCS signals are low frequency and contain a digital code.
  • Also, DCS is a system that is used to control processes that operate continuously, day and night. During such continuous work, stopping the process is simply unacceptable. For example, this is the manufacture of glass in a special furnace; if the furnace stops, the mass of molten glass will simply harden, and the equipment will break (or fail).

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