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What is dangerous for a person tattoo?

In our time, probably, there is not a single person who would not think about applying a tattoo. According to recent studies, about a quarter of young people around the world under the age of 30 years have at least one tattoo on their body.

It is now considered fashionable to decorate themselves with various inscriptions and drawings. But do not rush to chase the rapidly changing fashion trends. Before you run to the nearest tattoo parlor and resist the fleeting desire to become fashionable, you should think carefully and weigh the pros and cons of applying the tattoo. Your decision must be conscious and well thought out, as this drawing will remain with you for life.

Not the fact that you will like this in 20 years

As it turned out, the "pluses" of the tattoo is very small. You will not get anything positive, except for a beautiful pattern on your body, and then if you get to a good master. But the "minuses" - more than enough.

The terrible effects of tattoos on a person can appear immediately after the application of ink, and after a large number of years.Doctors of all countries are increasingly saying that tattoos can cause irreparable harm to our health and even cause death. Why are tattoos dangerous for humans?

Everyone should know this.

Let's first, imagine the whole process of applying a tattoo. During it, ink is prickled into our skin to a depth of about 3 mm, and the entire pattern is an open wound that will heal from two weeks to several months. If it is handled incorrectly, then an infection can get into it. As soon as you have a fever, and the wound began to fester - you should immediately consult a doctor, as there may be a blood infection, and this is very serious!

In addition, the ink itself can be dangerous for your body. They can cause the strongest allergic reactions, which you will learn about after making a tattoo, and it will be very difficult to get rid of this allergy. This is not surprising because no tattoo master can tell you what is in the composition of this ink.

In the world there is no government body that would control the production of ink for tattoos.This provides unlimited opportunities for manufacturers who include such harmful substances as arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum and cobalt.

People who have a tattoo cannot even do some medical research, such as an MRI, as the tattoo can become inflamed or catch fire. Dyes that are used for ink are also used to create automotive ink and refill printers. Imagine that all of this is absorbed into the blood and gets into all organs and with time can cause serious diseases and even skin cancer.

But the greatest danger to human life is incurable diseases that are transmitted through blood, such as AIDS, HIV and hepatitis C. If you come to an unscrupulous master who does not use disposable needles, you are not insured that a previous client could be a carrier these terrible diseases and he can infect you.

Decide on a sober head

People who have made tattoos are even forbidden to be donors within 12 months after applying the tattoo. It is worth thinking about this - it means that the risk of infection with these viruses is very high. But even if you came to the master,who uses only new needles in his work, you can get infected through the ink, since for each client there must be an individual jar with this dye.

If they have already been used before you, then this jar can also become a source of infection. Before you make a tattoo, think about whether it is worth putting your life at such a risk?

In addition, the process of tattooing is very painful. Not everyone will be able to endure such pain for several hours in a row. Also, this process can cause severe inflammation in the pattern area. The skin in this place requires additional care and use of special tools. This will give you a lot of inconvenience.

An unsuccessful tattoo can not only harm your health, but also ruin your life. Even if you are not infected with health and everything is in order - there is always a chance that in 10-20 years you will not like your tattoo. Can you imagine yourself in old age with a tattoo? But it was done forever. It will be very difficult to withdraw it and it will cost you much more than drawing the picture itself.

There are several methods for tattoo removal, ranging from surgery and layer-by-layer skin removal, and ending with laser treatment.In any case, the scars will inevitably remain in the place where the tattoo was. In addition, under the action of the laser, the ink will begin to evaporate, and toxic substances will be absorbed into the bloodstream, causing harm to your health.

Remember, this is for life

More than half of the people who made the tattoo, over time, begin to regret their actions. There are a lot of problems in the selection of clothes - not always the tattoo looks appropriate with this or that outfit. In addition, employers are increasingly giving their preference to employees without pictures on the body. Because of your reckless act, you can lose a good chance of your life.

But if you, nevertheless, decided on such a desperate step - well think over all the details. Never give in to someone's persuasion. You have to make your own decisions. Choose only a reputable specialized tattoo parlor.

Gather as much information as possible. Check all reviews about him, especially negative ones. Choose carefully the tattoo master. Familiarize yourself with all of his works, because if the drawing does not work out - you cannot fix it. When applying the tattoo, check that the master works in new rubber gloves and a mask, use a new needle and ink.

Your health is in your hands. If suddenly you are infected with something - you yourself will be responsible for your act.

Your home is not the place to tattoo

At home, tattooing is not safe. When applied to the body, the wound will be open for a long time, so it is very important that the room is clean and sterile, and all instruments must be disinfected. At home you will never be able to create such conditions. There is a high probability of accession of the infection and even blood poisoning. It can end in death!

If, after all the above, you, nevertheless, decided on a tattoo - be attentive to all the details, to any trifles. Think about your decision well, so you do not regret about the action already done. To fix everything you have to spend a lot of effort, time and money, besides it is a very painful process. Do not forget that not only your health, but also your life may depend on the decision to make a tattoo.

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