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What is custom?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
January 22, 2013
What is custom?

In the modern world, a person quite often comes across in various situations a certain unwritten order of behavior. Often this situation is called custom. However, the term itself is quite multivalued and complex.

The emergence of customs

So what is custom? The customs of the peoples of different countries of the world played an extremely important role in the development of the whole human society. They arose back in the "before the written period." Then they were the main regulator of community life. At that time, people were not always aware of the rational connection of their actions with the results, so for their survival they had to learn the correct algorithm of actions. In the future, this algorithm was transformed, due to which certain standards of behavior appeared, which have reached our time. Such ancient customs exist in every country. They are honored, respected and honored.

The development of the significance of customs

With the development of society and the emergence of writing, customs have retained their regulatory functions.For centuries, there was complete equality between written law and the so-called "customary law", which was laid down by the traditions of the ancestors and was transmitted orally. This “customary law” could supplement the written texts of laws, but could also contradict them. Therefore, very often the established custom easily became a source for supplementing written legislation. So Russian customs formed the basis for writing a medieval collection of laws called "Russian Truth".

The value of customs in modern life

Today, customs still play an important role in modern society. Ancient customs have been preserved in the everyday life of people in absolutely different forms and fields of activity. For example, wearing folk costumes or celebrating traditional holidays.

Even in the sphere of politics one can find customs. So in some countries, in the event of certain circumstances, a politician is obliged to leave his post, even if it is not specified in the legislation. It was customs that formed the modern order in society and relations between people.


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