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What is criticism?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
January 28, 2015
What is criticism?

The word “criticism” came to us from the French language and it means “judgment, the art of analyzing.” Criticism is a value judgment about various areas of human activity.

The varieties and tasks of criticism will be discussed further.

The main tasks of criticism

To better understand what criticism is and what its significance is in various areas of human life, one should find out what tasks the critic has. There are several:

  1. Detection of contradictions.
  2. Detection and analysis of errors.
  3. Detailed analysis, discussion of something for the purpose of evaluation (for example, literary criticism).
  4. Indication of deficiencies in any phenomena in culture, art, public life, etc.
  5. Scientific study, validation, the truth of something.
  6. The expression of a particular point of view, discussion, review.
  7. Evaluation.

What is constructive and destructive criticism?

In human relationships, an expression such as “constructive criticism” is often used.It means this kind of criticism, which is not aimed at insulting the addressee, does not hurt his feelings, but, on the contrary, helps him correct mistakes. In the opposite case, there is a destructive critic, the purpose of which is to show the superiority of the critic over the addressee. In order for a critic to be fruitful, criticizing, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Do not just blame the criticized, but submit constructive suggestions.
  2. To avoid public criticism, it is best to make remarks in private (especially in interpersonal relationships).
  3. Always try to enter the position of the criticized, to understand his point of view.
  4. Criticize in a very polite and friendly tone.
  5. Try not to get personal. This will help the criticism, "ricochet": when the actions of a certain abstract person are criticized.
  6. Express your opinion (disagreement) is necessary in the form of discussion, rather than imposing it.

From this article, you learned what criticism is.


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