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What is creativity?

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What is creativity?

In order to develop and progress, people need creativity. Thanks to the creativity of individuals or groups of people, we are constantly getting something more refined or completely new that can make life easier and easier. What is this - creativity, what is the meaning hidden in this word? Let's talk about this in more detail, find out what is creativity, how it arises and how it can manifest itself.

What is creativity: definition

The word creativity comes from the English create, which means "create", "create". Creativity is a person’s creative abilities that help him create and implement new ideas that do not fit into traditional patterns. Creativity helps to solve standard questions and problems in an unusual way, to find new ways and means. We can say that creativity is not only creativity, but also the ability for an unusual new vision of a situation or problem.

Criteria of creativity

Creativity - a way of self-identity. The creative person at the level of intuition feels that it is necessary to create a new idea: turn everything upside down or add just one detail; to put something different in a different way or to come up with something fundamentally new.

Criteria of creativity can be defined as:

  • creating a new one using what is already there, while rejecting the stereotype of thinking;
  • flexibility and originality of mind;
  • susceptibility - the ability to notice unusual details, uncertainties and contradictions, rapid switching from one idea to another;
  • predisposition to synthesis and analysis;
  • metaphoricity - the willingness to work in non-standard conditions, the tendency to associate, the ability to see in the complex is simple and vice versa;
  • the ability to feel the right direction of thought intuitively;
  • the ability to develop your ideas in detail;
  • the ability to generate a large number of diverse ideas;
  • satisfaction is the result of the work of creative thinking.

Where is creativity used?

Creative people are creative in everything: and in work, where they come up with,as quickly as possible and better fulfill their duties, and in everyday life, where they create in the home all sorts of useful things, and in romantic relationships, where their courtship are particularly original. You can be creative in moderation everywhere.

However, if we talk about specific areas in which creativity is especially important, then the following can be cited as examples:


Creative entrepreneur.Creativity in this area can play a crucial role. Having invented and implemented a new idea, you can very well develop your business, which your competitors will not interfere with, because you are the first in this area.


Creative advertising.Here, creative people are a dime a dozen, every employee from this field must have this quality. Creativity helps to advertise new products from such an angle, so that the buyer will decide that this product is exactly what he needs.


Creative musician.Here also every creator of music, literature, cinema, painting or sculpture is creative in its own way. Any work of art is the result of creative work. The most creative are those who do not follow traditional ideas for creating their works, but invent new ways in their field.This is how new styles of music, movie genres, etc. appear.

In fact, creativity can be useful in any field. For example, in teaching, even if there are certain learning patterns and rules of conduct for the teacher, you may encounter difficulties in learning a child or several children. Standard training schemes do not work, we need a creative approach.

In science, where they also use traditional means of studying certain objects or phenomena, a creative approach is also required if the old methods do not work. Thanks to creativity, invent new items, new equipment. Any situation in which traditional solutions to a problem do not work requires creativity.


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