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What is adhesion?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 27, 2015
What is adhesion?

Sometimes there is a need to make the connection of two different materials. This may be, for example, in repair, construction or in other areas. Then they talk about the process of adhesion.

And what it is, and where else it is found, we consider in the article.

What is adhesion: definition

The word “adhesion” literally means “sticking” in Latin. For the most part, adhesion is understood as a physical phenomenon based on the joining of the surfaces of dissimilar bodies. The bodies in this case can be both solid and liquid.

A famous example of adhesion is a regular drop of water on a glass or mirror. This example is classic and relates to the physics of phenomena. But there are other theories, not only in physical science, explaining the main causes of adhesion. The phenomenon of adhesion is also found in other areas, for example, in biology and construction.

Adhesion in biology

In biology, the presence of adhesion, we can detect in the process of connecting cells together. Through this, tissues and other structures of the body are subsequently formed.

Adhesion in construction

In construction, special substances are used, called adhesives, which allow to hold and save various constructions. For example, in the fight against rust and corrosion use special coatings that have good adhesive properties.

Thus, without having a single approach in understanding the causes of the origin of adhesion, we can observe it in various fields.


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