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What is added to the pool water?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
August 18, 2014
What is added to the pool water?

Crystal clear water in the pool is the key to proper care of the artificial reservoir using special means. They allow you to remove turbidity from the liquid, acidity and prevent its flowering.

What is added to the pool water for disinfection

It is very important that the pool water is clean and does not contain infectious microorganisms (viruses, bacteria). To do this, it is disinfected. During it, stabilized and unstabilized chlorine is used. Chloramine is often used when the pH of the water is low. But it is important to consider that such a substance has a lower disinfecting ability.

If in the pool the liquid has high alkalinity, then, in addition to chlorine, 15% hydrochloric acid solution is added (you can buy it in the hardware store). This can be done manually or using automatic dosing devices, which, through sensors, gradually introduce the required amount of the component to neutralize alkalinity.

What is added to the pool so that the water does not bloom and does not become cloudy

The water in the pool begins to bloom due to the growth of algae in it. This usually happens when the pond is outdoors. After all, algae begin to grow actively in direct sunlight. To neutralize them, a special substance called Algitsid is used. It effectively purifies water, preventing its flowering. Also keep in mind that:

  • Turbid water in the pool arises from the fact that a large number of particles of dirt accumulate in it. They must not only be removed from the bottom of an artificial reservoir with a vacuum cleaner, but also neutralized with the help of Flocculant. It is sold in pill form. They are required to be placed in a skimmer basket (a device intended for collecting the upper layer of water and subsequent filtration) in which they will gradually dissolve and purify water.
  • Often the pool water may have a rusty color. Such a problem arises from the fact that corrosion has begun to develop on metal parts. This is usually due to the pH being too low. It will be necessary to increase its level. To do this, constantly add products containing pH + (for example, AquaDOCTOR).
  • If the water has a milky hue, this indicates its poor filtration. It will definitely need to be improved and also added to the Dezalgin pool. It is also recommended to perform additional disinfection using a small amount of ordinary potassium permanganate.

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