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What is a swamp?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
July 16, 2012
What is a swamp?

A swamp is a land area that is characterized by excessive moisture. As a rule, incompletely decomposed organic matter is deposited on the surface of a swamp, which subsequently turns into peat. In the swamps, the peat layer should be at least 30 cm. Otherwise, the object is characterized as wetland.

Most often, swamps are found in the forests of the Northern Hemisphere. The main wealth of the marshes is the aforementioned peat. This combustible mineral is mined in many regions of the earth. In addition, speaking of the richness of the swamp, it is worth noting that each of these objects, by linking carbon, contributes to the fight against the greenhouse effect.

Paying attention to the question of what a swamp is, it is necessary to dwell in detail on the conditions of their formation. So, bogs occur either because of the swamping of the soil, or because of the overgrowing of water bodies. The most important condition for the formation is excessive moisture, which has a permanent character.

What grows in the swamp? It should be noted that the flora of these land areas is very diverse and depends on the region. For example, in almost every swamp in central Russia you can find duckweed, Canadian elodea (aquatic plague), chastuhu, arrowhead, and telorez.


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