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What is a liquid wallpaper

Many people confuse liquid wallpaper with decorative plaster, because sometimes they are similar in structure. However, unlike decorators, liquid wallpaper does not contain sand, which is their undoubted advantage. Liquid wallpaper is a mixture consisting of completely natural materials. Cellulose, silk fibers, a special dye, a component against the formation of mold, a binder, a plasticizer and components that give a wallpaper a beautiful look is the complete composition of this substance. Therefore, the composition distinguishes only three types of liquid wallpaper: silk, cellulose, silk-cellulose.
By type of use, liquid wallpaper can be divided into ready-made and mixtures, the application of which requires certain skills. Ready mixes are sold already with a certain color and with decorative additives. Before applying to the wall, dry the mixture just enough to dilute with water. But the second type of wallpaper requires advance preparation, because initially the mixture is white without any additives.Kohler adds glitters and other elements himself depending on the desired color and effect. Of course, with the help of wallpaper for professional use, you can create unique decorative effects. But the average consumer is better still to stay on the finished version.
Liquid wallpaper has many advantages. Of these, it is worth noting the undoubted ecological composition. After all, cellulose is an absolutely breathable and vapor-permeable material that is also suitable for children's rooms. The coating protects the room from excess moisture and does not allow the air in dry rooms to electrify. This property provides the porosity of the coating and its natural composition. The second argument in favor of using liquid wallpaper is that they hide all the irregularities and cracks on the walls very well. Often, where it is impossible to apply ordinary wallpaper, liquid is very helpful.
The main advantage of silk or cellulose coating is its decorative property. Using a mixture of different colors, you can create a unique style in any apartment. At the same time, during the application of liquid wallpaper no joints or unnecessary seams are formed, which gives this material another advantage. Matt-looking and very silky to the touch coating will appeal to many.
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Before applying the liquid wallpaper should correctly calculate the area of coverage to buy the material in sufficient quantity.
Helpful advice
Ordinary people who have not done repair work before should not choose intricate patterns. It is better to apply liquid wallpaper of the same color.

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