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What is a handicap?

Samuel El Midlake
Samuel El Midlake
March 26, 2013
What is a handicap?

Handicap is a meaningful word that acquires its final meaning depending on the specific context and scope. The English word "handicap" is used in medical and scientific practice, as well as in broadcasting sports events and reviews, comments from leading experts. So, what is a handicap, and how do we distinguish its meaning?

Everything is very simple. You need to know in which field of human activity the term is used, and much will become clear and well-known, knowing the options for its meaning. In medical practice, especially in psychology, the term handicap refers to some of the adaptation difficulties of the individual, associated with the specific development of physical, mental and psychological abilities. Existing deviations and certain predispositions are described by the term - handicapism. The theory of evolution proposed by the scientist Amots Zahavi, which explains the development and transformation of zoological species in nature, is laid out in biological science.

In a broader sense, the word handicap means handicap, the expression of leadership positions, advantage. And it is often used by sports commentators and sports experts in interviews and various TV shows. Also, the concept of handicap (odds) is present in bookmaker offices, making sports bets. And designates a bet option to equalize the forces of the opponents.


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