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What is a character?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
February 26, 2013
What is a character?

Every person, no matter how old he is, has a favorite character from a movie or a cartoon. And of course, everyone has different favorite characters. Only a few people wondered what a character is and why I like it?

What is a character

This is an abstract concept, translated from the Latin language means a person, the word character is borrowed from the French language. These are the main and minor heroes used in all spheres and genres of art, in the theater, in painting, in cinema, in games, in artistic and historical literature. People, different animals, mythical, supernatural beings, divine idols can act as a character. A person in art can be completely an invention of the author, or based on historical events, actually existed at a certain time. A person or hero, can play a major role, it may be secondary. Characters can be borrowed, anthropomorphic, collective, group, can be used when writing the work of characters counterparts.The concept of “character” is more appropriate for minor persons, since the first persons are usually called heroes and protagonists.

Out of stage characters

What is an off-stage character? A character who does not appear on the stage is called a stage character, during the performance, or is not involved as one of the main characters in the text, but there is a mention of him. You can also hear the expression "episodic character", he is usually involved in a small number of scenes. For example, in Chekhov’s work “Chameleon”, the characters are a general and his brother, a story about them comes from the mouths of the main characters. This type of characters was often used in his works by Mikhail Bulgakov, Moliere, Griboedov and many other famous writers. The way a character is described in literature, displayed in a movie or a play, is called its characteristic.


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