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What if a tooth ache under the crown

You will need
  • - anti-inflammatory herbal infusion;
  • - hot egg;
  • - physiotherapy.
Measures to eliminate pain in the tooth undercrowndepend on the reasons that cause them. If the pain in the tooth is undercrownappeared due to the removal of the nerve, it means that the inflammatory process has spread to the gum or the deep tissues of the periodontium, and exactly in the place where the tooth is located, closedcrown. To relieve the inflammatory process and reduce pain, rinse your mouth with an anti-inflammatory herbal extract (for example, “Stomatofit”). In this case, dentists recommend that their patients apply a hot egg to the cheek from the outside. It is advisable to go through physiotherapy, which will appoint a doctor.
Another cause of pain can be the buildup of teeth when using prostheses. In this case, the doctor must determine whether or not your dentures fit you.If they do not fit, then you should make new ones.
Frequent cause of pain undercrownis the presence of periodontitis or pulpitis, developed due to poor dental treatment and improper prosthetics. A non-fitted denture makes it difficult to carry out daily oral hygiene. As a result, food debris accumulates betweencrownand by the gum, an environment favorable for the reproduction of harmful bacteria is formed. As a result, flux appears or a cyst occurs. The dentist after removing the crown in such cases prescribes a course of treatment based on antibiotics. If the patient is undercrownthe tooth is rotting, then the doctor is obliged to remove the prosthesis and carry out the treatment of the caries or pulpitis that has formed, and then re-prosthetics.
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The desire to avoid re-prosthetics is a serious mistake of all patients: the tooth itself should be saved, not the crown.
Helpful advice
It is more correct to consult a doctor at the stage when the tooth under the crown is not very sore, but whines a little. In this case, the dentist will easily eliminate the main problem, and doctors do not always remove the crown for this.

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