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What herbs to use for hair growth

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an effective remedy for hair loss. This plant stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and thereby promotes hair growth.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba helps to increase blood flow to the brain and fill the nutritional deficiencies in the hair follicles. Ginkgo biloba oil is often used to restore hair growth.


Lavender is one of the popular herbs that can stimulate hair growth as well as reduce baldness. It is known that it has antibacterial properties that help treat skin irritations and infections on the scalp. It is also very effective in treating dandruff.


Ginseng is one of the main ingredients of many shampoos for hair. This herb is a very effective treatment for balding and accelerating hair growth. It nourishes the hair and also increases their strength.


Peppermint oil has long been considered a herbal remedy for hair loss and improving their growth. This oil helps to strengthen the growth of hair follicles and thereby promote their growth.


Rosemary treats thinning hair and baldness. This plant helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, and this in turn increases the rate of hair growth. For hair treatment, use rosemary in combination with olive oil.


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