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What hairstyle will suit an oval face?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 11, 2013
What hairstyle will suit an oval face?

Haircut need to pick up, focusing on many factors, not only on fashion trends. Agree that a fashionable haircut or hairstyle will not suit everyone. To choose a hairstyle it is necessary to take into account the hair color, their structure, facial features, and its shape. The shape of the face plays a very important role in choosing a hairstyle. In this article we will talk about what hairstyle will suit an oval face, not only the stylist who does this professionally can help you, but you can make your own choice. The most ideal face is considered to be exactly oval, because almost all haircuts, hairstyles and styling will fit this form.

When choosing a hairstyle for an oval face shape, it is worth considering some points. Any haircuts for long hair will go oval face. Fine curls and large curls or straight strands will look beautiful too.

Cons oval face shape

Of course, for the oval face has its prohibitions. Not every face is perfect. There is a slightly elongated oval face, this defect can be easily corrected if you add a bang of any length. Also there is a wide frontal part. It will be appropriate oblique bangs, because she will hide most of her forehead. If you do not want to cut your bangs, then you should pay attention to the side curls.

Oval face allows you to choose among a huge number of options. First of all, you should pay attention to the type of hair, as well as their condition. The most common are short hairstyles for an oval face, such as bob and bob, as well as asymmetrical haircuts.

Layered haircuts

These haircuts allow hair to look well-groomed, while at the same time you will spend very little time on styling. For this haircut, it is important to choose the right length, which will hide the flaws of the face, and emphasize its advantages. To emphasize the line of the chin can, making haircut, in which the ends of the hair will be at the level of the face. It is worth making the haircut a little lower, if your chin is not of particular beauty. This hairstyle keeps its volume for a long time.


For an oval face, a caret is the most suitable option.A square has different forms, for example, classic, angular, elongated. When choosing a car, it is worth considering the fact that thin hair will look better with a short length, and thick hair can be left longer. To the haircut, you can add different types of bangs - oblique, torn, straight.


There are many different types of haircuts. Haircut can be very short, which will emphasize the cheekbones. To bob looked stylish, care for him needs more thorough.

Now you know how to choose hairstyles for an oval face, photos of which you can find on the Internet.


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