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What formats does the iPad support?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
December 19, 2012
What formats does the iPad support?

Three years ago, Apple released its first iPad tablet computer. Nowadays, the iPad is one of the most powerful handheld computers on the market and can even outperform with its big brothers, which are in many homes. Naturally, this dignity attracts more and more people who eventually become happy owners of this device. After buying, many people come home, open a beautiful white package and start exploring a new device. And at this moment, many are wondering: what formats does the ipad support?

Let's immediately note that if you want to download / download something from your new computer from its large predecessor, you will have to install a program called iTunes. You can download it on the official Apple website. In aytyuns, you can not only upload what you already have on your hard drive to your device, but also buy music, books, games, etc. right in the store.When you buy, all the files will definitely support your iPad, as well as other apple devices, so consider the case when you want to write your data into the tablets.

What video format does iPad support?

iPad supports most popular video recording formats. Specifically, it is mov, m4p and m4v. If this does not mean anything to you, do not be afraid. There is a huge variety of programs that will determine what kind of video you have, what format and quality. There are also converters that can convert, for example, video from mov format into m4v and back! Also in the AppStore you can find a lot of video players that can play not only the three formats that I mentioned above.

What kind of music can I listen to

There will be no problems with music files in iPad either. A regular player can play songs in the formats ACC, MP3, Audible (if you hear it for the first time, then I will explain - this is the format for audio books), AIFF, WAV. The last two are formats without losing sound quality. That is, if you have a collection of music in, for example, in WAV, you can be sure that it will sound clean, without interference, with excellent bass and balanced frequencies.

What files can I open

iPad can open almost all the files that you used on your home computer. This list includes text documents, pictures, presentations, copies of books and much more. I advise you to open a store and see applications from there. Believe me, you can find what you need in almost any situation.


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