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What kind of flowers to give?

It is easy to choose or create an individual bouquet for a gift. In this issue, the main aspect is who you give these flowers to:

  • a woman;
  • a man;
  • an elderly person;
  • young man;
  • to kid.

If you think which flowers to give to your close people, then it is best to choose their favorite ones.

Women decided to give flowers more often than anyone, so the choice for a gift is huge: from the most modest wildflowers to the very exotic and rare. The most versatile bouquets are delicate and elegant, which are decorated with various greenery:

  • gypsophila;
  • asparagus;
  • nephrolepis.

It is best for your beloved wife to give those flowers that she loves very much or those that were used in the wedding bouquet.

Flowers in different cases

  • What flowers to give a girl? It is appropriate here to use unopened buds of delicate and pastel shades in a bouquet. The older the hero of the occasion, the brighter and more magnificent the bouquet should be.
  • Never give lilies to an elderly lady - this causes terrible associations, because they often accompany them with such flowers on their last journey.
  • Never come to a sick person with white flowers - this is a new stress. In such a situation would be appropriate flowers with minimal odor and a calm shade.
  • Older women love potted flowers or bouquets more than red.
  • Flowers of pink color are given to people who have reached any age, in any case and any gender. This bouquet shows a good attitude to the culprit of the event. These flowers will appeal to everyone, and most importantly - it is a great mood and smile.
  • White flowers are characteristic of the most solemn occasions, such as weddings.

Which is better to give flowers to young girls? There are also options:

  • daisies;
  • snowdrops;
  • lilies of the valley.

Such flowers and bouquets are considered symbols of blooming youth and purity.

Flowers for all occasions

  • With red color in bouquets it is better to be careful. Such flowers are worth giving to the person to whom you experience the most tender and intimate feelings. If the color is dark red, then it is considered a symbol of great love and passion, so give these flowers only favorite.
  • If a young man wants to part with his girlfriend beautifully, then it is best to give flowers of yellow color, but not roses.
  • If you want to make your beloved a pleasant surprise on March 8, then bring her a bouquet of scarlet tulips.
  • It is customary to give flowers of yellow color to creative individuals, because it is a symbol of sunlight and unexpected success.

What kind of flowers can I give to people who are original in nature? Give such a person a bouquet of blue or lilac flowers. So you show that appreciate the sophistication of the person to whom the bouquet is intended.

At this stage, there are many different colors of various colors: from the black to the green. Do not collect a bouquet of one tone, but pick up a beautiful color range. Remember, green is a symbol of hope, and black is a sign of sadness and the sad notes of your heart.

Flowers for men

What flowers give men? These bouquets are increasingly coming into fashion. The symbol of such a gift is independence, success and victory. It is best to give men such flowers:

  • roses;
  • carnations;
  • tulips;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • lilies;
  • peonies.

The color scheme must be selected monotonous or more solid, with a hint of seriousness: white, red, green. Motley bouquets for men is better not to give.

On the anniversary, it is correct to give flowers of one species, which by their number correspond to the date. Do not give an even number of flowers, because it is not customary to do it.

Flowers for loved ones

It is pleasant for close people to receive from you field, meadow or forest flowers, but not for special events. If you go on a date with a girl, then give her a beautiful flower of tender color, which will give her a good mood. Remove the thorns from the flowers immediately, so as not to injure the hands of your companion. If you go to your girlfriend to meet her parents, then give her and her mother two identical bouquets. So you will make both pleasant, and also offend no one.

When you make bouquets, remember that they are simply incompatible with each other:

  • carnations;
  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • daffodils;
  • lilies of the valley.

Of these flowers is best to make a separate bouquet. What flowers are given to women still remains a controversial topic that has different theories. Remember that artificial flowers, as well as flowers in pots, are far from being loved. Therefore, before you make a gift, know in advance the attitude of a person to such things.

Do not give those flowers that will soon fall petals, do not give an armful of flowers.Show the level of high taste and aesthetics in your bouquet, then you will succeed!


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