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What else can be done with the tiles: 10 brilliant ideas of decor

If desired, everything can be used - and even the remaining tiles after repair. Do not rush to throw out the tiles you like, which were never used: it is better to turn on the fantasy and transform your interior with them. In this post we tell how to renew old furniture, decorate empty walls with the help of tile remnants, and even create an art object.

Idea number 1: dacha answer

Tiles will become an indispensable element of the dacha plot decoration. Spread a small garden path or tile over plain flower pots. You can rest assured that your garden will play with new colors!

Idea number 2: all colors of the rainbow

And the pieces of the remaining hexagonal tiles will be useful to you in the kitchen: with their help, you can easily make practical cup holders. They will protect the surface of the dining table from damage and decorate the kitchen interior no worse than designer accessories.

Idea number 3: strong embrace

The rim of the old mirror leaves much to be desired? Do not worry: color it with colored mosaic. As the frame fit wooden or plastic frame. A little inspiration and glue - and you will breathe new life into the old mirror!

Idea # 4: tricky disguise

The remains of the tile will also help you to hide the scratches on the coffee table. To do this, simply paste the surface of the countertop tiles. You can be sure that from now on, five-o’clock in the living room will become a habit!

Idea number 5: the very elegance

The same trick can easily be done with a tray: ceramic tiles will not only decorate it, but will also make it more durable. Glass mosaic is a good alternative: breakfast in bed will definitely cease to be a rarity.

Idea # 6: bon appétit!

Invite guests and serve snacks not on a regular plate, but on a tile - friends will appreciate the original approach to serving. And large-format tiles can be used as a chopping board!

Idea # 7: tile as art

Do not know how to decorate the wall? Forget about reproductions: to make the interior truly individual easier and cheaper than it seems at first glance. Experiment with pieces of tile and create a real art object!

Idea number 8: a photo for memory

Printed photos do not have enough frames? Solve the problem creatively by sticking a photo directly onto the tile. Now it remains to hang them on the walls or put them on the shelves - so that important moments of life are always visible.

Idea # 9: wall decor

Remaining after repair tile can be the reason for a small transformation in the interior of the bathroom or kitchen. If you update only one wall with a tile or even a part of a wall, you will add volume to the space, which means you will make the interior more interesting.

Idea number 10: colorful floor

Dreaming about boho interior? Stock up on multi-colored tiles and lay out the original floor in the technique of patchwork. Do not be afraid to experiment with color, because juicy fruit shades are especially relevant now.


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