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Why dream of a wall?

Andrey Semykin
Andrey Semykin
August 9, 2012
Why dream of a wall?

Different dream books differ on the question of what the wall dreams about. There are good interpretations of sleep, there are bad ones. Try to remember the details of sleep, it will help you choose the right option.

  • A wall in a dream can mean arrest or repression.
  • Climb or jump over the wall in a dream - you are able to overcome all obstacles on the way to your intended goal.
  • Fight in a dream forehead against the wall - you will soon encounter confusion.
  • If the wall blocked your way in a dream - destined to face serious problems. Caution, you may break under the pressure of circumstances!
  • Destroy the wall in a dream or break through it - you will achieve your goal, showing unprecedented perseverance and strength.
  • You are building a wall in a dream - you have enough caution and forethought to avoid future troubles in life.
  • If a woman dreams that she is walking along a wall, her attractiveness will help to attract the attention of many men.

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