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Why do tears dream?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 8, 2012
Why do tears dream?

Many are concerned about the question of what dreams about tears. By mistake they are considered a bad sign. After all, in fact, tears in a dream - most often a good symbol.

Almost all the peoples of the world agreed that crying in a dream - fortunately, to joy, to pleasant events. Tears can also mean that you will soon receive a letter or news of some pleasant, joyful event.

If in a dream you are crying with someone, it means that soon there will be a holiday, and something will be given to you. If you have seen how a dead man cries - get ready, quarrels and conflicts will soon be possible. But if you're crying, sitting on the bed - most likely not to escape major troubles and troubles.

If you cry in a dream and wipe your tears, then in life soon be comforted. And if you see how a girl or woman cries and wipes tears to her - in love you can wait for a break or a major quarrel. If you are laughing at a crying girl, then this, on the contrary, is an auspicious sign. Laughing in a dream over crying means that your love will be strong, and the union - lasting.


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