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What dreams hug

Images in dreams do not come to us by chance. Who knows, our subconscious is projecting them, or are they warnings from the other world about upcoming events? Most dreammen agree that hugging in a dream is about changes in life, usually bad ones. Specific situations are interpreted in famous dream books in different ways. Let's look at them and compare interpretations.

Small Veles dream

If a girl dreams that she is embraced by a boyfriend, this is a disease or something bad. If she herself embraces a stranger, this is to the road, the woman is to treason, her relatives are to quarrel.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

What are the dreams of embracing this interpreter? Also to great quarrels and betrayals.

Spring dream book

Hugs promise long work in a cohesive, friendly team.

Summer dream

Hugging someone means the emergence of new friendships.

Esoteric dream book

Hugs promise friendly support and help.

Dream Dream Thelomena

It does not so clearly describe the values. For any event, it gives a diverse assessment depending on the situation.

To embrace a husband in a dream, while feeling negative emotions (anger, guilt, melancholy, sadness) - to disagreements between you. Positive emotions do not have unpleasant values.

Hugging her ex-husband - probably you hold on to the past, you can not let him go. This way you can destroy your current or future relationship, think more often about the upcoming pleasant moments, do not live in the past.

Hugging my father - people around you are disingenuous, they are hiding something from you. Hugging a mother - you are worried about her and for the health of other people close to you, you want to help those in trouble. Sleeping with a mother may also promise a meeting with relatives.

They embraced their older brother - your future is bright and trouble-free, your younger brother - unpleasant duties will arise, unforeseen expenses are possible.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Why dream of hugging a friend? The interpreter sees this as success in business, the execution of the planned, the recognition of colleagues or an increase in salary. Hugging a girlfriend means she needs your help in real life.

If you are in a quarrel, it is worth reconciling, because you both want it. Hugging a secret lover? Apparently, your relationship will soon come out, which will lead to family conflict, clarify the relationship.A celebrity, a star of show business or a well-known politician was hugging you in a dream - your self-esteem goes beyond the real boundaries, try doing something else.

Hugging the deceased in a dream has always served as a negative prediction. This can affect your health, career, and personal life. If the deceased was lying in a coffin, a prolonged serious illness is likely. Get tested, at an early stage, many diseases are easily treatable.

Hugs in a dream with the deceased father, most likely, were provoked by the actual situation that reminded him of him. You miss him, you need protection. Make an effort, and things will get better.

Hugs in a dream with the deceased mother confirm that you still miss, miss her. You need the real, sincere love that your mother used to give you. Hugging in the dream of the deceased grandfather - there will be petty efforts and unpleasant experiences, which take a lot of time, but everything will be fine.

Hugging a boy in a dream - to career growth, and his son - to family quarrels because of finances or raising children. Hugging a little girl in a dream is an auspicious sign, he promises good luck.

Hugging a dog - a meeting with friends will take place soon, if the dog was big, it means it will be the best, loyal friend. Hugging and stroking a horse - meet an old friend in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Hug a dolphin - get to know the people who are creative, interesting to you; bear - you will patronize a successful and powerful person. Hugging a cat - carefully, you can get under the influence of a selfish person who thinks only about himself.

Chinese dream book

Why dream of hugging a husband or wife according to a Chinese dream book? Definitely, this is a sign of happy events and pleasant moments. But hug your children, son or daughter, to quarrels and squabbles.

Dream Miller

He interprets dreams with hugs, depending on the emotional color of sleep. If the dream was pleasant, then everything will go smoothly in life, and if sadness, anxiety and sadness were present in the dream, then it will be reflected in a real situation.


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