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Why dream of a coat?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
March 13, 2013
Why dream of a coat?

We continue to talk about the different clothes in our dreams: our coat is next in line. Why dream of a coat? The answer will depend on the type of coat, even on its color, as well as on the action that you or someone else does with this clothing. We will tell you about new and old coats, about red, black and other coats of unusual colors and cut, about what awaits a person who puts on a coat or removes, loses, takes someone else's coat, etc.

Why dream of a coat in different situations

Anyone who sees a coat in a dream can become a victim of his own stubbornness. Borrowing a coat means that the cause of your possible failures will be the mistakes of others. But to wear someone else's coat - a difficult situation in which you have to turn to relatives or friends. Also not too favorable is a dream in which a person lost his coat. In this case, it is quite possible that you will have to arrange the fate anew, and the person will curse himself for negligence in financial matters and excessive gullibility.And if you also see in your dream how your coat is being taken away, it can mean trouble associated with this person. A good coat can also indicate significance and honor, and a bad one - about various fears, scares. Also, a dream in which a person tries to put on a coat not according to height can speak about fear and various fears. If the other person in a dream is wrapped in a coat, you may be passionate about them - him, or someone like him. Put on your own coat - get ready for the road. Take off the coat on the street - to the disease.

Different coats

Here we have collected dreams about the coat, depending on its state (new, old) and color (red, black and other colors), because from these details the meaning of dreams often changes quite strongly. Why dream of a new coat? If you dream of a new and beautiful coat, in real life you will find great luck and the fulfillment of the greatest desires. Also, a new coat can talk about your successes in creativity, which can happen in the near future, and a little later. It is especially favorable to see in a dream a new coat to writers and artists.But a tattered and old coat speaks of losses and failures. In addition, a torn coat can speak of sadness and constrained circumstances. Also, the worse the coat in a dream, the worse the weather can be on the street the next day. Well, a few words about the coat of various colors. Why dream of a black coat? Your dedication and courage will be rewarded by another person. Also, a friend or girlfriend may leave you, but he will regret it. Why dream of a red coat? A person can become a victim of hypocrisy, meanness, cruelty.


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