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Why dream of cabbage?

August 2, 2012
Why dream of cabbage?

In the modern world, the names of things have not only direct meaning. For example, we call cabbage not only food but also money. And what does it mean in dreams?

About what dream cabbage

  • In many dream-books cabbage is a sign of possible unrest.
  • If you pick or cut cabbage - take a look at your wastes, you may have become wasteful.
  • Wait for luck or a gift if you eat cabbage in a dream.
  • In a dream, you cook cabbage - beware of gossip. And do not be their source, then avoid trouble.
  • Salt or plant cabbage in a dream - you are promised benefits and profits.
  • Dreamed of making a cabbage salad? Be careful, you can find something profitable for yourself.

Remember that interpretation of dreams is individual; your attitude to this thing, your associations is more important.


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