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What does throat cancer look like

In more than half of the cases, cancer of the throat is detected only when the tumor begins to give metastases settling in the nearby lymph nodes, thereby causing a significant increase in them. In general, lymph nodes are quite typical of their swelling in the case of confronting a variety of diseases, including the most innocent. But this happens more often in a symmetrical manner, but the unilateral swelling of these nodes should seriously alert both the doctor and his patient. Another sign indicating the possible presence of a tumor in the throat is the painlessness of the lymph node, since in the case of normal inflammation, touching it should cause at least a slight, but still pain.
Since the human throat is not a separate organ, but only a part of the ear-throat-nose ligament, the tumor is often moved to neighboring organs, thereby causing the corresponding symptoms. If the disease has managed to seize the nasal cavity, the patient may experience frequent nosebleeds or appear persistent and apparently causeless runny nose.Obstructed nasal breathing can lead to inflammation of the nasal sinuses, manifested by headaches, and impaired ventilation of the middle ear can cause obstruction of the auditory passages of fluid accumulating there, which can be fraught with hearing loss. Sometimes the patient has a torrent squeak that torments him in one or both ears. Very large tumors sprouting from the nasal cavity into the base of the skull can affect the facial nerves, causing pain, giving up to parts of the face or provoking double vision.
A tumor directly in the throat in an advanced stage can cause pain both in the throat and in the ears, as well as difficulty in swallowing. The voice of the patient changes, the mobility of the tongue becomes difficult. A very large tumor can block the jaw and significantly complicate the opening of the mouth. Sometimes the patient does not notice the symptoms accompanying the tumor for a long time, and the feeling of squeezing in the throat or the presence of a foreign body in it is attributed to psychological causes. He is only alarmed when an unpleasant smell arises from his mouth, which is associated with the disintegration of the tumor, as well as oral bleeding from this background.
Treatment of throat cancer, no matter at what stage the disease was detected, should be complex and should begin immediately. Only in this way can a patient have a chance of recovery and returning to normal life.

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