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What does the pancreas like?

If you want to avoid problems with the pancreas, you need to remember that it is harmful and that it is good. Guided by tips from the article, you can keep your pancreas healthy. Check out the list of recommended foods, stick to a nutritional plan and learn about lifestyle features that will help avoid problems with this naughty body.

Useful products for the pancreas

  • Vegetable stew. If you want to please your pancreas, start eating more stewed vegetables, because this is what the pancreas loves. Zucchini and carrots are best suited for stewing.
  • Unleavened bread. Such bread will also be beneficial, especially if it was bought the day before.
  • Kashi. For the pancreas dietary porridge is very useful. It is best to cook them from cereals such as rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. Porridge should not be overcooked and salted. In the finished porridge, you can add a small piece of butter.
  • Vegetable soup. Any soup for problems with the pancreas and for their prevention is prepared in vegetable broth. In this broth add finely chopped potatoes, vegetables, grated on a coarse grater.Best for dietary soup carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.
  • Unsweetened drinks. For pancreatic health, drink plenty of fluids. The safest drink is water. It does not hurt weak tea, which can add milk. Tea can be black, green or, for example, from rose hips.
  • Fruit Juices. A small amount of natural fruit juices without sugar, preservatives and dyes will benefit.
  • Fruits and berries. It is recommended to use plums, apricots, blueberries, black currants, cherries, watermelons, pomegranates.
  • Protein products. This includes a limited list of products, mainly lean meat, fish, eggs. For example, beef, veal, red fish, chicken, sea fish.
  • Dairy. They are also rich in protein. These include low-fat natural yogurt, sour milk, hard cheese. These products contribute to the restoration of the pancreas. Choose low-fat dairy products.

Harmful products for the pancreas

The list of products that can harm the pancreas is very long. It is not necessary to completely abandon the fact that the pancreas does not like, it is enough just to limit their consumption, if you do not have serious problems with this organ.

  • Hot drinks.Alcohol adversely affects the state of the pancreas. It is known that it has a negative effect on the organism as a whole. At the same time, the pancreas is one of the most vulnerable organs. If the liver contains a substance that breaks down alcohol, then there is no such substance in the pancreas. If alcohol is abused, the risk of pancreatitis increases dramatically.
  • Fatty food. Limit fatty meats, especially smoked or fried. First of all it concerns the products prepared not at home, and semi-finished products.
  • Spicy food. If you like spicy food, try not to eat too many of these dishes. Also try to teach yourself less spicy foods, especially when it comes to meat. The most spicy spices can at least partially be replaced with aromatic herbs.
  • Products containing preservatives and flavors. These include, for example, store-bought pickled vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. Many flavors are found in sweet drinks. Information about the content of such substances you can get by reading the list of ingredients on the package.
  • Carbonated drinks.They should be highlighted, as the use of such beverages should be limited in the first place, if you care about your pancreas. Sweeteners, flavors, dyes - all of these substances poison this vulnerable organ.
  • Aspic, jelly, meat broth. All these familiar and beloved by many dishes are bad for the state of the pancreas. Especially harmful are bone broths, which boil for a very long time.
  • Fat desserts. This primarily includes ice cream high fat. In the same category can be attributed cakes and pastries with butter cream.
  • Fast food. Dishes in fast food restaurants have a very high fat content. Most of them go through the roasting process. All this makes them harmful to the pancreas, as it simply cannot cope with such products.
  • Sour soups. These include soup, borscht, soup of sorrel.

Nutrition, useful for pancreas

First of all, you need to remember that a healthy pancreas requires a balanced diet. Try to eat regularly, at regular intervals. It is best to arrange three or four meals a day and eat food in small portions. Breakfast and lunch should be full meals, and dinner make easy.It is important to remember that it is harmful to the pancreas, and not to fill up for the night. Your diet should contain all the necessary substances: fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Your pancreas likes to be at rest and in the cold. Hunger is also one of her favorite states. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of this body, it is important to follow a light and balanced diet. Dietary nutrition is an important part of pancreatic care.

Signs of pancreatic problems:

  • Pain in the upper abdomen, especially after eating
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Aversion to food
  • Pain, accompanied by deterioration of appetite.

The basic principles of nutrition:

  • Fractional and frequent meals at the same time every day.
  • The interval between meals should not exceed 5 hours.
  • Plentiful Drink
  • Refusal or severe restriction of alcohol use
  • Eating boiled or steamed food
  • Increased protein intake, reduced carbohydrate and fat intake

Dieting and restricting the use of foods harmful to the pancreas will keep her health. Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.But remember that with the disease of the pancreas it is necessary to abandon heavy physical exertion. In case of any problems with this body, it is necessary to switch to a sparing regime in terms of nutrition and activity.


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