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What does the name Ruslan mean?

One and all people have a combination of sounds, which is formed into a name and influences the further fate of a person.

The name Ruslan came to us from the Turkic language and in translation means "lion". It must be said that his character traits are similar to those of such an animal. Ruslan is powerful, fair, narcissistic.

As a child, Ruslan is too emotional, this is a naughty and slightly cunning child, he often changes his desires. He always needs praise from surrounding adults, he can take offense for a long time if they have not noticed his achievements.

What does the name Ruslan mean

Character and appearance

Since childhood, Ruslan has a good memory, he is handsome, which makes him popular among the opposite sex, his fans usually have a hard character and, as a rule, are prudent. If he marries such a woman, he will achieve a lot in life. Throughout his life, Ruslan is inspired by high ranks, awards, bonuses, bonuses. Ruslan receives all these privileges deservedly. He is not in conflict, at work he finds a common language with both the leader and subordinates.But I do not advise you to offend Ruslan, sooner or later he will take revenge on you for this, and you will not know that this is him. But in general, I must say that this is a cheerful, kind and cheerful person.

Ruslan, born in the winter, serious and silent, He is patient in study and in work. Autumn Ruslan has been very attentive and inquisitive since childhood. Ruslans born in the fall often become engineers or employees of scientific institutions. They are very interested in electronics and all sorts of equipment.

If Ruslan was born in the summer, he will grow up cheerful and sociable.

Spring Ruslan is in love with himself, he watches himself a lot, he cannot live without flattery in his address. Of the Ruslans born in the spring, good leaders are often obtained.


Ruslan asserts himself at the expense of his popularity. Strives to become a politician or actor. From childhood he likes to give interviews on the radio, to speak in front of large audiences. He will do everything to become popular.


Ruslan's wife should be wise, with a strong-willed character. This is another opportunity for Ruslan to assert himself. Ruslan's wife must be slim and beautiful, he should be proud of her.If Ruslan appears with her in society, everyone should admire her. Despite this, Ruslan is very jealous. When, in his opinion, attention to his wife rolls over, he can easily arrange a scene of jealousy, not paying attention to the rules of good form. Often get married twice, exceptions happen quite rarely.


Ruslan loves his children and parents. But love for children is not fanatical. Most likely, he will show his feelings not because the child needs them, but because he needs them.


Despite its dedication, Ruslan is lazy. Weekend can spend in bed. This is a pretty fastidious person. Prone to alcoholism, but in rare cases it becomes addicted to alcohol. Ruslan is very punctual and demands this from colleagues and friends.


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