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What does the loaf mean in a dream?

A loaf is, first of all, a bread father, who has a whole head. It is a symbol of satiety, reliability and well-being - both family and financial. Therefore, in a dream, a loaf, as a rule, is good, although ultimately it all depends on how you treat it.

Dream Miller

A person who dreams that he buys freshly baked loaves of bread in a bakery is simply obliged to become the pillar and hope of all his relatives, the real head of the family, the keeper of family ties and family traditions. Age in this case does not matter - such a dream can also be a very young person’s dream, then he predicts a similar role in the future.

The one who in a dream prepares sandwiches, cutting a loaf into thin slices, is a person who is confident in himself and his principles. He easily manages to build a business relationship in such a way that the friendship does not affect them. As they say, friendship is friendship, and service is service.

The summer dream book is sure that the purchase of fresh loaves in a dream foreshadows a full and calm life for everyone who dreams of a similar scene.

Autumn dream

If you are cutting a loaf in a dream, be prepared for the fact that in a short time the peace of your family will begin to disturb petty quarrels for trivial reasons. Show understanding and patience, try not to get annoyed yourself and not worry others - soon the storm period will end by itself, just as suddenly as it began.

According to Supersonnik, to dream loaf or bread means that in some important matter, regarding which you hesitated for a long time and could not take any decision, complete clarity will finally come, and everything will be decided in the literal sense by itself. As they say, there is a way out of any situation. As a result, this option will be the only possible and most correct in this situation.

Dream for the whole family

If, buying a loaf in your dream, you suddenly find that it is completely stale, you should be on your guard. The person you wanted to rely on will not justify your hopes: his competence in business is imaginary, and his enthusiasm is apparent. At the moment when it will be necessary to make a decision and act, he will only be distracted by his hands and will place all the responsibility on your shoulders.

Family Dream

Warns: buying a loaf in a dream, in the present one should prepare for the fact that a certain detractor intervenes in your affairs, violating all your plans. This applies to both business and personal sphere of your life. The only reasonable option for your behavior is maximum forethought and calm. Try to keep balance of mind and not make hasty decisions.


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