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What does the brain look like?

The brain is an organ that coordinates and stabilizes all the vital functions of the human body and controls behavior and mentality. All our thoughts, sensations, feelings, desires and coordination of movements are associated with the work of the brain, and if the brain stops working normally, a person can go into a vegetative state, that is, he loses his capacity in all actions, feelings and reactions in response to external stimuli. The article is devoted to the structure of the brain, namely, what the brain of people looks like, the most complex and highly organized organ, the functionality of which is many times more complicated than that of the brain of other representatives of the animal world.

What does the human brain look like

The nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. It is associated with various parts of the body, peripheral nodes and nerves. The brain is a symmetric organ, like the majority of the rest of the organs of the human body. At birth, its weight reaches approximately 0.3 kilograms, further with maturity it reaches a weight of one and a half kilograms.When an external examination of the brain, interest, above all, cause two separate hemispheres of the brain, hiding under a deeper of its departments. The plane of the hemispheres is covered with grooves and bends, the so-called gyrus, which increases the surface area of ​​the cortex or outer sheath of the brain. Behind the main hemispheres, the cerebellum is located, its surface is also covered with grooves. In the human body, the cerebellum is responsible for the coordination of movements. A little deeper than the big hemispheres, the brain stem is located, passing into the spinal cord. Nerves recede from the trunk and spinal cord, through which impulses from the internal and external receptors are transmitted to the brain, and in the opposite direction the brain transmits signals to the muscles and glands. 12 pairs of cranial nerves are moving away from the brain.

What does the brain look like

  • The brain, namely its main part, consists of several types of substances that perform various functions. So, the gray matter of the brain, which consists of nerve cells, contributes to the formation of the brain, and the white matter, consisting of nerve fibers, conducts nerve impulses, and connects different parts of the brain into one.
  • The human brain is protected by a skull, and the spinal cord is protected by the spine. Between the bony walls and the brain itself there are three sheaths. The outer one is a hard shell, the inner one is soft, and between them there is a third shell, arachnoid or arachnoid. The cavities between the membranes are filled with cerebrospinal fluid, the composition of which is similar to the composition of blood plasma. The fluid is produced in the ventricles of the brain and, circulating in the spinal cord and brain, it carries nutrients through it.
  • Nutrition of the brain is carried out mainly by the carotid artery, through which it receives useful substances and oxygen. At its very base, the artery is divided into smaller branches that reach all parts of the brain.
  • Although the brain mass reaches only about two percent of the total body mass, it continuously receives 25% of the circulating blood in the whole body and a proportional amount of oxygen. Energy reserves of the brain are not too large, so it is quite dependent on the provision of oxygen. There are special protective mechanisms that protect the cerebral blood flow in case of possible bleeding or injury. A feature of cerebral circulation is the presence of the blood-brain barrier in it.It consists of membranes that reduce the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and prevent the penetration of unwanted substances into the body of the brain. Thus, this barrier performs a protective function. Also, the barrier serves as protection against the penetration of various drugs into the brain.

What does the spinal cord look like?

The spinal cord consists of the brain itself, located inside the spine, as well as the nerve roots that extend into the intervertebral discs. Nerve processes extend to almost all parts of the body, starting from the occiput and ending with the lower limbs. The spinal cord, as well as the head, consists of three shells, solid, soft and arachnoid. The area between the outer shell and the vertebral bones is filled with the venous network and fat. Inside the spinal cord is a spinal fluid, the main function of which is to feed the spinal cord with oxygen and nutrients.

What does a brain tumor look like?

A brain tumor is a serious disease, regardless of whether it is benign or malignant, whether it is small or large. The bottom line is that the human brain is the most functional organ in the human body.And in this situation, when the tumor is pinched by any parts of the brain, their normal functioning stops. Among these areas, there may well be areas responsible for vision, hearing, smell, motor reflexes, or parts of the brain that are responsible for the functioning of vital organs. Brain tumors are relatively rarely characterized by their multiplicity and metastases to other internal organs. I think that what a person’s brain looks like when he says jargon, and what their main functions are, it became clear and understandable to you, stay with us, we are always happy to give you new information and advice.


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