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What does it mean to be intelligent?

Jan Veselova
Jan Veselova
January 28, 2015
What does it mean to be intelligent?

Academician D.S. Likhachev wrote: “Intelligence is equal to moral health, and health is necessary in order to live long - not only physically, but also mentally”.

In this article we will talk about what it means to be an intelligent person and whether it is possible to learn this.

To be intelligent in society

It is believed that being an intelligent person is possible only with a higher education. However, formal education with intelligence has little in common. Intelligence is the "higher education" of the heart, as well as human behavior in society, which is determined by the following features:

  • Upbringing An intelligent person knows etiquette well and knows how to present himself in society. This is usually a polite and tolerant person towards others.
  • Susceptibility. To be intelligent, it is not necessary to re-read the classics and constantly go to the theater. It is enough to have an interest in acquiring new knowledge and not be indifferent.
  • Respect. An intelligent person has respect for everything.He respects not only people, but also the nature, history, culture of different countries. The absence of rudeness and gloating in character is what distinguishes an intelligent person in modern society.

You can read more about the signs of an intelligent person in the article What a person should be.

Intelligence is therefore inextricably linked to our behavior. She can not learn, but it can be developed in itself.


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