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What does a rose tattoo on a body mean?

Tattoos every year are becoming more popular and do not cause such disapproval as before. Perhaps one of the most common drawings is a rose. Do you know what it means?

A bit of history

The rose has always been a very symbolic flower. For example, in the Middle Ages, such a picture was inflicted on prisoners who were sentenced to the death penalty. And in those days, the rose signified hopelessness, doom.

Alchemists also believed that this flower helps to revive the soul after death, and also frees from all worldly burdens.

In religion, the rose has long been considered a symbol of chastity and has always been associated with the pure image of the Virgin Mary. There is also another religious context. The petals of scarlet roses are perceived as drops of blood of Jesus Christ, who suffered from human sins. To this day, this flower is present on a variety of coats of arms, flags, emblems.

Who is suitable?

The rose is suitable for both men and women.And since there are several meanings, you can put your own meaning into the tattoo, so that the rose will “take root” on the human body with almost any character. And yet such an image can be called a bold and bright, so that people should choose it is not shy.

What does the rose mean?

What is the meaning of a rose tattoo? In general, it combines a lot of human properties and feelings.

Here are a few options:

  • For many, the rose is associated with inner beauty, with its opening. This tattoo will help the girl to become feminine and sensual.
  • This flower can symbolize love, real, strong and sincere feelings.
  • Some perceive the rose as a symbol of chastity, purity, and also a connection with God.
  • Such a flower can be a symbol of pride.
  • Rose carries tenderness, femininity, elegance, sensuality and passion.

To determine the exact meaning of the tattoo, it is worth considering some details. Each is worth describing in detail.


What does a rose with thorns mean? They are always associated with pain, and if they are present in the image of a rose, they are often associated with suffering and feelings for love.In addition, this element is often personified with a male beginning, while the flower itself is a symbol of femininity and tenderness. It turns out that the rose with thorns, in fact, replaces the symbol Yin and Yang.

Spikes do not rarely symbolize obstacles, difficulties, sadness, sacrifices and torments. In addition, they can say that the owner of the tattoo as if protects himself, does not allow to climb into the soul and reminds that he can always defend himself.


Fresh green leaves personify joy, optimism, faith in the best. And the more of them, the more positive will be the meaning of the tattoo.


Pay attention to the flower. So, the opening bud can signify the birth, renewal, the beginning of something important. If it is closed completely, it can symbolize fragility, secrecy, or even fear. If the rose appears in all its glory, then it is associated with openness, honesty, fullness of emotions and feelings.


Much depends on the color.

Possible options:

  • A black rose can personify sadness, connection with something mystical and otherworldly, the pain of loss, grief, struggle, unrealistic hopes, sadness, darkness, or even death.
  • The white rose symbolizes innocence, purity, devotion, spirituality, sincerity.
  • Red rose has always been a symbol of passion, love, real feelings, desire, romance.
  • A blue or blue flower means that the tattoo owner is used to breaking the rules and breaking stereotypes, he values ​​his individuality and uniqueness, and also sets inaccessible goals.
  • Burgundy color speaks of harmony, restraint and tranquility.
  • Pink rose will symbolize tenderness, romanticism, femininity, elegance, sympathy, friendliness, gratitude, appreciation, respect.
  • Coral rose can mean desires and dreams.
  • Peach color is associated with friendship, modesty.
  • Purple rose will give the owner of the tattoo charm and mystery.
  • A red and white rose can be personified with unity, generosity, justice, kindness and compassion.
  • Purple is associated with something magical and mystical.
  • Orange flower will give attractiveness, optimism, enthusiasm, inspiration, positive thoughts and energy.
  • Yellow rose used to mean betrayal, betrayal, envy. But today it is associated with fun, joy, friendship, devotion and loyalty.
  • A yellow-red rose can be a symbol of an eternal holiday in the soul, bright emotions and new impressions.
  • Orange-yellow color means obsessive thoughts, cravings and violent fantasies.

Where to place the image?

Where is the best place to place a tattoo in the form of a rose? The man is more harmonious than all she will look at the shoulder or back. But some choose other places, such as the chest, shins or calves, neck, forearms, or brushes.

On a woman's body, a rose can “settle” on a hip, foot, scapula or abdomen. A small rose can be placed on the hand, namely on the forearm or on the wrist.

How to choose a picture?

When choosing a picture, as you have already understood, it is necessary to take into account both the color of the rose and seemingly small and unimportant details, such as thorns and leaves.

The size can be almost anything, but still more boldly, brightly and at the same time the flowers of medium size do not look too vulgar. Too small a rose will remain invisible (although it is appropriate if the owner of the tattoo puts something intimate and personal into the image), and the big one will, on the contrary, catch the eye and look vulgar and vulgar.

A rose can be supplemented with other images, such as a dagger, a butterfly, barbed wire, a cross, or even a skull. An inscription that would make the meaning more clear or even change it will be appropriate.

As for the sketch, for its basis it is possible to take both a photo and a drawing with clear and distinct lines. The first option is more realistic, and the second one will make the tattoo bright.

If you decide on a tattoo, then make it and put in it your special meaning.

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