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What does a child dream about - dream interpretation by dream book

If you dreamed of a little child in a night dream, you should turn to the dream books and understand what he is dreaming about. Different interpreters of dreams give their own interpretation of what they see. Such a picture can mean the most different - a lot depends on the context and details. That's why you have to remember how old a child you dreamed, your own kid or someone else's, a son or a daughter. Only such a thoughtful and rational approach will allow you to accurately understand what you see and get the necessary hints for the future.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

To see a child in a dream according to Tsvetkov’s dream book means joy, but only if the baby was seen was beautiful. To the well-being of seeing a baby just born. To see an ugly, dirty, naked baby in a dream is a sign of unexpected worries and problems. If you have the image of a big child, you should expect surprises.

According to the dream book Hasse

If you dreamed of a child, interpret this image from Hasse's dream book.But you have to pay attention to details. If you dreamed of playing children, it means fun, joy, pleasure. See how the baby falls - to the difficulties and obstacles in new affairs. If you dreamed a lot of children, then, most likely, this indicates upcoming anxieties and not the most pleasant excitement. When many children dream and all these are your children, the dream foreshadows:

  • well-being;
  • joy;
  • prosperity;
  • success in all endeavors;
  • material balance.

On a note! There is another important point. Sometimes in the night visions appears the image of a child on his shoulders. This is the birth of your own babies. If the crumb sat on the shoulders of a woman, a girl will be born. Accordingly, on the shoulders of a man - to the birth of an heir.

According to the dream book of Aesop

You can also interpret a dream in which there is a child, according to the dream book of Aesop. How can this image be deciphered here? If you dreamed of crying little creature, it is - a harbinger of frustration. Regardless of all your efforts and work, to achieve the desired now will be unreal.

When you yourself punish a child in a dream, the interpretation indicates discomfort in real life. Probably you are constantly experiencing inconvenience.Most likely, they are associated with your workplace and career. Chances are that you are doing things you don’t like.

To dream of a newborn, which you feed, can be interpreted as follows: you are faced with troubles and not the most pleasant things. But the result will please you. Completion of affairs will be beneficial not only in material terms, but also from the point of view of moral satisfaction.

Another interpretation of Aesop's dream indicates difficulties in achieving the intended goals. Typically, this interpretation is given if you dreamed of a baby you were holding and rocking.

Note! According to Aesop's dream book, to see a child in a dream - to unnecessary care, unnecessary care, excessive attention from strangers.

According to the dream book of Lofa

Decipher the dream seen with the child, you can according to the dream of Lofa. For men, this image does not pose a threat, but indicates serious concerns about the second half. Most likely, what he saw was due to fear of possible obligations related to paternity. In women, such dreams are associated with the desire to have a baby.

It is also believed that the children seen in a dream act as a reflection of all our experiences and real thoughts. If you dream that you are raising your own child, this indicates a desire to subordinate strangers and impose their will on them. If you see yourself as a child in a dream, it can be interpreted as something that you do not want or are afraid of control from the outside. And it happens that you are dreaming of a friendship with a baby. Such an image is considered ambiguous. His interpretation will be closely related to how you interact with this child and how you behave with him.

According to Wangi's dream book

Do you often have to dream of a child? Interpret this image in the Vanga dream book. But remember: what you see can be interpreted in different ways. When you imagine yourself as a toddler in a nightmare, this indicates that in reality your behavior is inappropriate.

Dreamed a lot of babies? This is the emergence of a large number of small problems that will take away your strength and time.

If you are dreaming about how you play with a child, such a dream can be deciphered as the search for the ideal work in reality. But at the present moment you have to give too much moral and physical strength to do things that you absolutely do not like. It exhausts you and deprives of vital energy.

Note! Close attention to the dream Vanga is given to crying babies. This image is considered the most dangerous and tragic. He is the harbinger of wars, tears, troubles and grief.

Nothing good brings the image of a child with limited abilities seen in a dream. A disabled child is dreaming - to the deterioration of health and health not only among you, but also among people from your environment.

A bad sign is to look for your child in a dream. There are probably too many problems in your life and it is not possible to solve them.

According to Miller's dream book

According to Miller’s dream book, the image of a child seen in a dream is unstable and diverse. To decipher it, it is necessary to take into account all the details and subtleties. If you dream that you are picking up your own child, who has a fever, this is a bad sign. The seen will be marked by sorrow, grief, moral suffering.

As a rule, such dreams foreshadow failures for women. If a woman sees in a dream, as she takes on her hands and nursing someone else's baby, it threatens her with deception from those people whom she trusted most in life.

A clean, tidy, funny child, seen in a dream - to love, sincere friendship, pleasant rewards and gifts. If you are dreaming of a crying baby, this may be a precursor:

  • disappointments;
  • ill health;
  • sorrows;
  • problems with finances.

When you dream of kids walking by themselves, it acts as a symbol of disregard for the opinions of others and the desire for independence.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

In the Nostradamus dream book, a special place is given to the image of children. But to get a true and truthful interpretation, one has to remember the details of what he saw in the arms of Morpheus:

  • crying baby - to danger and difficulties in the future:
  • the baby who tears the flowers - to moral enlightenment;
  • to search for their own child - to search for landmarks lost in life and to gain hope;
  • crumb on your hands - to attempts to find the best solution for difficult situations.

If you dream that you are still a child, this indicates the need for reassessment of life guides. Before you arose exactly the feature that is called the Rubicon. It's time to change something!

When you dream that a child kills a snake, it can become an omen of the victory of mankind over wars and the possibility of preventing nuclear catastrophes.

The symbol of renewal and salvation of all mankind is a child seen in a dream,running on the ground.

A bad sign, if in a dream the crumbs bitten by a beast. It is believed that such an image is a harbinger of great evil. Probably, many bad people will appear on the ground, which in the first place will carry danger for the younger generation.

The image of a disabled child in the Nostradamus dream book means a great danger to the planet. This could threaten an environmental disaster or a nuclear war. But for the man himself, who dreamed of such a dream, a dream predicts a meeting with a man who is in dire need of his support and help.

Also it is worth remembering that in the dream book of Nostradamus there are also positive interpretations of such images. If you dreamed of an absolutely healthy, funny and smiling baby, you can expect a good one. This is a good symbol.

According to the dream of Simon the Canaanite

There are other interpreters of dreams associated with babies. So, according to the dream book of the Apostle Simon Canaanite, the images of a child can be interpreted in different ways:

  • the baby is playing with his mother - the harbinger of happiness;
  • a lot of kids - to anxiety;
  • plays a pussy - for fun and pleasure;
  • beautiful child - fast acquaintance with a pleasant person;
  • a child with a wet nurse - to a serious and prolonged illness.

On a note! For a pregnant woman, it is more dangerous to see a baby with a wet nurse in a dream. It is believed that this is a sign of loss of a spouse or early death of a newborn daughter.

By itself, the image of a child, seen in a dream, is interpreted as a symbol of well-being and success. If it seems to you that you see in the night dreams of your own baby, this can promise you well-being, success, good luck and happiness.


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