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What do the stripes on the tubes mean?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 6, 2013
What do the stripes on the tubes mean?

Has everyone paid attention to the strips that are at the end of a tube of toothpaste? They come in different colors. And what do the stripes on the tubes mean? There is a wide variety of opinions about this. In this article we will understand which of them are correct and which are just fiction.

Myths about the appointment of strips on tubes

On websites and forums, Internet users discuss this issue quite often. And, in their opinion, colored stripes on tubes of toothpaste can mean the following:

  • The black strip, most likely, indicates that this toothpaste contains hazardous substances that enhance periodontal disease.
  • The red strip warns that the contents of this product is dangerous to health.
  • Blue indicates the presence of synthetic substances for health is not dangerous, and green - the content of 100% natural raw materials, environmentally friendly substances.

It is believed that the strips may indicate the percentage of chemicals in toothpaste.

  • black means 100% chemistry;
  • blue - 100% chemicals and 20% natural products;
  • red - fifty to fifty;
  • green indicates that the toothpaste is made from 100% natural product.

There are also such assumptions about what a strip on a pasta tube means:

  • In a black stripe tube contains paste with abrasive. Bleaches well, but is not recommended for frequent use, no more than once a week.
  • If the strip is blue on the tube, this means that there is an abrasive in the paste, but in a much smaller volume. You can use this paste 2-3 times a week.
  • Green color indicates that it is phyto paste. It should be used daily, morning and evening.

And here is another amazing information. The presence of a black band indicates that the paste is incredibly poisonous and consists almost entirely of oil, the blue and red strip also does not bode well. But the green bar is a sign that only herbs and natural substances are used in the paste.

And after all, people believe in all this, and besides, they spread this information. But what about the situation with these mysterious stripes.


There is absolutely no need to look for any hidden meaning in the appointment of colored stripes. Everything is explained simply. The colored bars are a “light mark” or “markup”. We need it for the conveyor, which cuts off the tubes. The conveyor sensor reads this markup and makes the cut in the right place.

This is how we ourselves create myths that scare us, and then we scare other people. Do an experiment. Look at the tubes that you have at home. And you will see that the strip is not only on the pasta tube, there is a strip on the tube of face cream, shoe polish, baby cream. Color strips are on all products produced in tubes.


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