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What color room to choose

1. Before you start working directly on creating a new interior, you need to think carefully about the main function of the room: for work, rest, reception of guests, or for children. Your mood, mood, emotions and even health will depend on the color scale of the room.

2. Apply to the walls test strokes of different shades and see how they will look at different times of the day and under different lighting.

So, purple in low light may appear black. Rooms with large windows that face the south side, it is better to arrange in cold shades of gray or blue. Warm colors in combination with bright sunlight can create a sensation of elevated temperature.

3. Place in the room some pieces of furniture (table, chairs, armchair, etc.) and see how the colors on the walls are combined with the furniture.

For example, the sky-blue color is great for a work environment, for example, in an office space or in your office.

The main color for the kitchen is yellow.

For the living room, many choose beige tones, muted green.

It is better not to use white and gray colors if there are small children in the family. The black color is considered very dark, but it can be diluted with an interesting decor.

4. Remember that a large number of flowers in one room hurts her, rather than embellish. Combine more than two or three colors are not recommended.

In addition, not all colors are combined with each other. The following shades work well:

  • brown and vanilla (beige);

  • beige and cream;

  • Red and black;

  • chocolate and red or pink;

  • yellow and black.

Favorably looks interior, decorated in one color, but with bright details that are in harmony with each other.

5. It used to be thought that the doors should be of the same color as the floor. Modern designers are of the opinion that the door should be one with the wall.

6. These are the main recommendations on the ratio of colors in the design of the room. However, you need to understand that the choice of colors for each person is individual.

Of course, you need to consider different options, listen to the opinions of others, to the recommendations of specialists, but the final choice should be yours.


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