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What cause monthly?

It is known that menstruation in women, ideally, should take place at the same time every month, without causing particularly strong trouble. Menstruation stops during pregnancy and resumes several months after birth.

But, unfortunately, not so simple. Delays are not only from pregnancy, but as a result of climate change, stress, past illness, hormonal disruptions, and so on. And, sometimes, there are situations when a girl waits for the arrival of her period with particular anxiety, waits, and they all do not begin. It is at this moment, she thinks about what can cause menstruation.

Before you know how to cause menstruation, every woman should know for what purpose she wants to do it. Perhaps she needs them to go faster, as she, for example, leaves the sea, or she just has a delay, but she knows for sure that there is no pregnancy. In such cases, the desire to know how to cause menstruation at home is not so reprehensible, although, it is desirable that even in this case, the problem should be solved by an experienced gynecologist.

Sometimes women want to cause menstruation as emergency contraception or even miscarriage. Let's say right away, you can't do it yourself at home in any case. You can greatly harm your body.

Herbs, causing menstruation, from time immemorial, women used to cause menstruation with a delay. We will consider some of them, the most effective and least harmful.


Blue cornflower brewed according to the instructions on the package and take 1 spoon 4 times a day. We do the same with verbena medicinal, we use it 50 grams three times a day. It is said that menstruation of the gladiolus root is well caused. They are introduced into the vagina, and monthly come in a couple of hours. Only, it is unlikely, it is worth repeating. Imagine what you say to the doctor, if, suddenly, after this incident, you have to go to him. We pour the root of the elecampane into boiling water, boil for about five minutes, and then insist for half an hour. We drink half a cup twice a day. This decoction can trigger an abortion.

There are opinions that there are still various means causing menses, let's look at them more closely:

Drug-free methods

You need to take a hot bath, and after it, also put a hot-water bottle on your stomach, they say that this can trigger the onset of menstruation during a delay. If this does not happen, then the next day the procedure can be repeated. Sport and exercise are also used for this purpose, but this method is undesirable because it is dangerous in the event of a possible pregnancy. It is said that having sex can also help. I do not know if this method is so effective, but at least it is pleasant.

For more advanced, there are also drugs that cause menses. But, if you can use herbs and baths yourself, then with medicines it is much more complicated. It is known that they should be selected by a doctor, and even more so if we are talking about a possible pregnancy.


If within 72 hours after intercourse you go to a gynecologist, he will prescribe you special pills that cause menstruation. You drink them, and your menstruation begins after a certain time. But this method is a terrible blow to the female body, leading to failures and violations, therefore, it is recommended to resort to it only as a last resort. Another option is already a real non-surgical abortion,which is produced in the case of an extremely small period of pregnancy (up to 49 days). The patient drinks "Mifegin", and after a day takes the hormone prostaglandin. And after, she has a miscarriage. This method is expensive and gives a lot of complications, like all abortions, this drug in a pharmacy is not for sale, so at home you can’t do it all.

Anyway, homemade ways of causing menstruation is highly questionable. Either you will not achieve any result, or you will be able to provoke severe uterine bleeding, which may lead you to the surgeon’s table or end up with a fatal outcome. Therefore, dear girls, do not be shy to consult a doctor, you save your health and you can even save your life.


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