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What can a house be made of?

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What can a house be made of?

Pleasant and useful to spend time with your child will help joint creative activities. Children for different games often require different houses. In our article you will find two lessons telling you how to make a house. Both crafts are very simple and even suitable for small children.

Origami house

If you do not need a three-dimensional model, the easiest way is to make a house out of paper with your own hands. To work you need a square of a sheet of paper.

Making a house

  1. We fold the figure in half, unbend it and fold it in half in the other direction, straighten it.
  2. Bend the upper side to the middle and straighten.
  3. Bend to the middle of both sides.
  4. The two upper corners are bent to the middle vertical line.
  5. We turn the workpiece. A little bend the bottom side.
  6. The lower corners are bent downwards.
  7. The bottom rectangle is opened and turned out by triangles.
  8. Bend the bottom. You have a wonderful house with a door.

Surround house

Not only flat figures, but also volumetric toys can be made from paper. For the very basics you will need:

  • watercolor paper;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

You can decorate the house in various ways. We suggest you to get acquainted with the scrapbooking technique. For it you will need a special edge stapler, paper for scrapbooking, objects for decoration, a picture from a magazine with the interior of the room.

  1. On paper, draw a sketch of the house. If you want to paint the house, use white paper, and for scrapbooking - a special patterned one. Draw the walls in a continuous pattern: front, side, back, side. The side walls are the same and look like rectangles. The front and back walls are also the same and have the form of rectangles with triangles on the top. On the lower and right edges of the workpiece, on the right side of the front and left rear there should be places for gluing. Cut the workpiece.
  2. Cut a window and a door from a sheet of paper of a different color.
  3. From the middle of the magazine clipping, cut a fragment that is 1-2 mm smaller than the window frame.
  4. We glue the house. On the middle of one of the side walls we paste a picture from the magazine, and on top of it - the window itself. Glue the door to the front.
  5. We make many-many stripes with a shaped edge puncher.We glue them like tiles. Add front and back trim. If you still have strips, you can decorate the bottom of the house with them or make an openwork balcony from one of them, gluing it together with the bottom of the wall to the wall.
  6. Glue the roof to the house. To do this, cut out of paper two strips equal in size to the length of the side wall. Fold them along. We glue one half to the inner surface of the wall, and the other to the roof. The house is ready! If you wish, you can decorate it by any means at hand.

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