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What can I give a colleague for a birthday party?

What to give to a colleague on his birthday, so as not to look like a sap or vice versa It is easier for close people to choose gifts, because we know their tastes and desires; well, not everyone knows what to do with a colleague in this situation. In this article we will tell you about all the intricacies of choosing gifts for colleagues, and also advise how to behave, giving a surprise to the boss.

Give a colleague a birthday can be a lot of things. When choosing a gift, you need to consider several important factors. It should start with your relationship to the birthday. If you, to put it mildly, “on knives”, you should not give a gift that is too expensive, otherwise your conscience will simply gnaw you. But, at the same time, it is not worth saving and donating just that. You have to show that, despite all the dislike for him, you have self-esteem and elementary education.

Birthday is a special holiday and it is a pleasure for everyone to accept congratulations on this day.Of course, you can always show your indifference and limit yourself to the banal phrase “happy birthday”. It seems to be congratulated, but on the other hand, nothing pleasant was done.

Therefore, always give gifts to your colleagues. Even if it is not customary to do this in your team, and you are afraid that you will be called an upstart - still give people gifts. Moreover, the gift can always be presented face to face, so that others in the office will not know about it.

The tradition to make each other gifts brings the team together. Admit it, because you probably would have been very pleased to receive a gift on your birthday. Take the first step yourself and then others will follow your example. Consider the basic options for gifts.


Men are after all representatives of the stronger sex, therefore it is better not to give them teddy bears. A good gift will be an expensive (or decent looking) pen. Even if a colleague already has 10 of them, the extra will not hurt him. Pens always have the property to disappear somewhere.

Notepad is another option. For a business person it is important to keep all records. And despite the abundance of modern gadgets, the notebook is the most reliable.So do not be afraid that your birthday gift will not be necessary.

You can give a man a card holder. By the way, guys love to change them, just like women phone covers. The more card holders, the better. If the hero of the day has a round date, you can write an inscription on it with congratulations.

For a birthday man can give a picture. If you have a born talent for an artist, you can draw it yourself. Well, or just buy in the gallery. Such gifts have always been popular and useful. You will certainly be pleased if your picture decorates a colleague's office.

If you know about the hobbies of a colleague - fine. For example, the birthday boy loves football, so give him tickets for the next match. Or buy a set for fishing, and you can also send it on a tour or to the cinema.

A good gift for a man will be a lighter or an expensive ashtray. Only they must look solid.

A good umbrella is also useful to any guy. With this gift you will show your concern for his health.

Standard, but nonetheless a win-win, this is a bottle of good alcoholic drink. According to statistics, even absolutely not drinking people at the birthday drink and even get drunk before losing consciousness, so your gift will definitely come in handy.

Universal gift

Sometimes you need a gift for all occasions - an unexpected visit of partners, a corporate holiday and other important events. For this occasion, elite tea will suit: one luxury variety or, better yet, a set of various combinations of green, black, red noble drink.

Such tea sets for a corporate gift you will find in the store Elite Chai.ru

The best teas with delivery right to your office. You can order holiday packaging with your logo and even pre-printed wishes. Ideal corporate gifts for every taste.


With ladies, everything is easier. For them, a bouquet and warm words will suffice to shine the whole day. But, you can show your creativity and give not only flowers and sweets.

A woman will like the original cup. You can write on it a personal wish and as many compliments as possible. Do not hint at the age of a colleague.

Present a branded kerchief to your colleague’s birthday girl. Women love accessories and surely will find a use for it.

A good gift will be a subscription for a massage or a beautician. Such gifts are always nice to receive.

If a colleague likes to read, give her a book. Just do not forget to sign it at the turn, so that the memory remains.

Since women are emotional creatures, give her a soothing miniature fountain. You can even musical.

Women adore musicians, so a great gift for a colleague will be a CD of her favorite singer or group. Now you know what to give a colleague to a woman for her birthday.

Gifts to colleagues

  • First of all, you need to know when someone has a birthday. To find out the dates, you can look at social networks or find out during the conversation. Record in a separate plate all the dates of birth and periodically review it.

what to give for an anniversary colleague

  • Find good greetings in verse. Just do not congratulate different colleagues with the same poem, otherwise the entire office will laugh at you.
  • Do not be afraid to invite colleagues to make a collective greeting. You can always throw off a gift, and then all have tea together.
  • Give a gift from the heart and do not worry that you do not please the hero of the day.
  • The gift should be good and preferably beautifully packaged. Give it confidently, do not mumble and do not blush.
  • A birthday present for a colleague is sure to be remembered by him. Therefore, if you do everything correctly, a warm atmosphere in the team is provided to you.
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