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What banks give a loan?

Banks today are ready to issue loans for almost any purpose. True, the requirements for a candidate who wants to get a loan, sometimes quite tough. Many are interested in which banks give loans in various situations. Of course, if you have a high official salary, then problems with obtaining a loan should not arise. However, a loan may be required for both unemployed citizens and retirees. What to do in this case? Which bank can apply for a loan? It is worth considering these situations in more detail.

Impact of borrower's age

For a start it is worth noting that in the banking environment it is believed that young people at the age of 18 who want to get a loan are not yet psychologically ready for long-term financial relationships. It is for this reason that the number of banks working with 18-year borrowers is extremely small. For example, Sberbank is ready to provide a loan to borrowers from the age of 18, but at the same time it is necessary to bring a guarantor with them. It is worth noting that even if a borrower at such a young age works in a large successful company and has an official high income, his age still carries additional risks.Sometimes, such risks can even be included in the interest rate, and it can be higher for young borrowers by 1-3%. The following banks have also been issuing loans since 18 years old: VTB 24 Bank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisen Bank, Moscow Credit Bank.

What banks give loans to pensioners

Today, pensioners can be credited in many banks. For example, such banks include Russian Standard Bank, TRUST Bank, VTB 24 Bank, Renaissance Credit, Tras Bank, Sberbank, Rusfinance. It should be noted that the only obstacle in obtaining a loan may be the question of security. Although it will directly depend on the loan amount. So, to provide a loan is very often required from almost all borrowers who may pose even a small risk to the bank. But, for example, VTB 24 Bank does not provide for the provision of loans of less than 750 thousand rubles, which means that if it considers the borrower to be risky, it will simply refuse to issue a loan. As for Sberbank, it will be very careful and �dig� for a long time in securing the borrower, but the decision to refuse to issue a loan will be taken only as a last resort.

Which bank gives a cash loan

Currently, not many banks offer cash loans. In this case, the minimum cost of this loan is 30-50% per annum. The maximum amount issued by banks for inappropriate use has increased. So, with a good official income, it is possible to get into the hands of an amount greater than the official salary of 3-6 times. Separately, it is necessary to note such a clause in the contract that is made out when a loan is issued, as insurance payments. Here it is necessary to specify the regularity of making payments. So, sometimes banks can modestly indicate a rate equal to 0.3%, while not indicating that the borrower still has to pay every month. In order to receive a cash loan, you can contact banks such as Alfa Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Renaissance Credit, VTB 24 Bank.

What banks give credit to the unemployed

The loan issued to non-working citizens is a loan that a person can get from a bank, without being able to provide a certificate of the amount of his earnings. According to the law, if a person has no official employment,He is classified as unemployed. Of course, this does not mean that a person is at home and does nothing. After all, you can receive interest on deposits made, rent an apartment for rent or engage in freelancing. Notes about these types of earnings will not be listed in the workbook. In connection with the recent changes in the economic system, as well as the past crisis, many banks are afraid to provide loans to the unemployed. But still there are banks that take risks. So, what bank exactly will give a loan to an unemployed person. These are banks such as Renaissance Credit, Home Credit Bank, Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Agros. All of them give out consumer loans. In most cases, collateral is not required to receive a loan of up to 100 thousand rubles. You just need to provide a passport and fill out an application. But, to get an amount equal to 100-250 thousand rubles, you may need one guarantor.


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