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What are utilities?

February 2, 2015
What are utilities?

Tool / utility from English means a service program for solving a specific auxiliary task; is a kind of system software needed to manage computer resources, execute user programs, etc.

There are several groups of utilities that differ in purpose.

The main purpose of the utilities is:

  • optimization of the operating system and equipment;
  • empowering operating systems and equipment.

Conventionally, utilities are divided into 3 groups:

  1. system utilities. Designed to diagnose hardware and software, correct errors.
  2. service utilities. Designed to perform information processing operations.
  3. operating shells. Designed to provide users with a more understandable and accessible interface for accessing PC resources and OS commands.

Utility examples

  • file managers (Total Commander, FAR);
  • dynamic compression tools (WinRar archiver);
  • view and playback tools (XnView, ACDSee);
  • diagnostic tools (AIDA64, AnVit Task Manager);
  • computer security tools (Dr, Web Antivirus).

We have just considered what utilities are and what they are for, but drivers are also an important part of the system software.


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