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What are the phones?

Phones are a very useful and multifunctional thing. With the help of the phone, we can solve many issues without leaving your home or office. Nowadays almost any business without a phone is unthinkable. And if suddenly all the phones stopped working, then the economy of any country would be shaken. What are the phones today? We will look at the answer to this question in detail below.

Mobile phones and phone types

A mobile phone is convenient in that it is a portable device and the owner of such a device can, with its help, communicate (voice mode) with another person, regardless of where he is. Now around the globe, cellular communication occupies a leading position. Cellular communication is a type of mobile radio. For the first time about such devices, humanity learned in the middle of the last century, in the United States of America. The company AT & T Bell Laboratories began to conduct tests of a communication method - a car radio telephone. The distance between the devices was small - twenty kilometers, but we see that in less than a hundred years, such phones can connect two people who are in different parts of the globe.So, more about mobile phone subspecies:

  • Cell Phones. These devices are designed to work in communication networks such as cells. They use a small radio transceiver and telephone switching. Even the very first cell phones, despite their cumbersomeness, were complex high-tech devices. Cell phones include the following components: a transceiver, a specialized control controller, a display (monochrome / color), interface devices, a battery. It is worth noting that almost every device has its own unique number, which protects such a phone from “theft”. Almost in all countries a SIM card is used - it helps to identify the subscriber.
  • Radiotelephones. These phones are devices that can transmit speech over the radio. The average resident of our country is used to calling such a phone a device with a handset (wireless) that has a base. Single-band modulation, frequency modulation and amplitude modulation are used.
  • Satellite phones. Now we consider the types of mobile phones (satellite) and their difference from the usual to us, cellular.This is also a kind of mobile phone. Only such a device can transmit information using a satellite (communication) immediately. Some operators of this kind of communication may cover the whole earth in the halo of their broadcasting. This may be due to low-flying satellites or satellites that are in geostationary orbit. The dimensions of this device are about the same as that of the cellular, only necessarily include an outdoor antenna. Satellite phone can be fixed. Here are the operators providing satellite services: Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar.

Mobile Phone Cases

  • Monoblock. This, familiar to the consumer, is the standard type of mobile phone. It is considered the most reliable version of this technique, such a case is also safe for its owner.
  • Cot. Mobile phone case - clamshell consists of two parts. These parts are connected by a hinge. One part includes a keyboard, battery cell, microphone, important elements (electronic). The second part contains a speaker and a display. Of course, there are models in which one or another part is located in another part of the apparatus.The very first phone with such a case appeared in the late eighties of the last century.
  • Slider What are the slider phones? The case of such a cell phone slides, so you can change its size with one finger movement. This phone also has two parts. These parts are fixed on the same axis and connected by a special mechanism. At the top is the display, speaker, camera, flashlight (depending on the manufacturer and model), at the bottom - the keyboard, battery and other important components of the phone.

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