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What dresses are there?

Dresses exist since ancient times, and still they remain popular. What could be more feminine, sexier than a dress? What are some dresses?

A dress worn by a girl, girl, or woman miraculously changes not only their appearance, but also their walk and behavior.

Narrow or knitted dress emphasizes the figure. Loose dresses will hide figure flaws. Short dresses emphasize the slimness and beauty of the legs. Strict dress, talking about seriousness, responsibility, suitable for special occasions.

Dress styles and models

In response to the question of what dresses are, you can bring this list:

  • A straight dress is a classic, usually narrow, straight silhouette. This dress can be worn with a belt, and maybe without it.
  • The fitted dress is sewn adjacent to the waist. The skirt of this dress can be extended or straight.
  • The A-line dress looks in the shape of the letter A, fitting at the waist and at the top, a flared skirt.
  • Empire dress with a high waist with loose folds at the hem. It is sewn from a fabric that holds the shape.
  • Princess dress - one-piece dress with cutting barrels, waist and top of the hips adjacent, with a high waist, the bottom of the skirt is extended, with vertical seams.
  • Greek dress of thin light fabric free flowing cut with a lot of vertical folds, with high waist, belted under the chest, often long to the floor.
  • Dress Charleston with a straight top, with cut-off low waist, with tiers of assemblies on the skirt.
  • Dress a new bow with a full skirt, but with a narrow waist. The sleeves in this dress taper to the bottom.
  • A baby doll dress, similar to an empire dress, but short, high-waisted, with many folds at the hem of the dress, often with straps.
  • The tulip dress along the waist line is detachable, the tulip-shaped skirt is wide at the hips, mostly sewn of thick fabric.
  • The balloon dress is short with a fluffy skirt gathered at the bottom.
  • Dress with a real or false smell, on the side or in front, adjacent or semi-adjacent silhouette.
  • A mermaid dress is a long, skin-tight fit, the bottom of the skirt is magnificent.
  • Sheath dress - narrow in shape to the knee, straight or fitted, not detachable, without sleeves, collar.
  • Dress-trumpet - fitting knit dress.
  • The dress-overalls comes to an end with assemblages on legs, the waist and hips are accented.
  • The bandage dress is a tight-fitting figure, a short elastic dress.
  • Romantic dress with frills, ruffles, ruffles, with a floral pattern.
  • Dress disco - youth bright, brilliant dress for discos.
  • Dress-sweater - like a long sweater, with a collar-collar, knitted short dress.
  • A shirt dress is straight, free as a shirt.
  • A dress-dress in a linen style with straps, a large neckline of thin fabric.
  • The dress on the straps, fitted over the top, with thin straps.
  • The dress-skirt without a collar, sleeves, starts from the armhole, extending from the chest to the bottom.
  • Coat dress - a dress with elements of a coat made of thick fabric with a through zipper.
  • Dress-suit - a combination of a classic straight dress with a jacket.
  • Dress top shirt free. This dress is pleated, and at the bottom fitting, the belt is below the waist.
  • Dress tunic free straight or slightly extended silhouette, can be with cuts on the sides.
  • The little black dress today is the most popular and popular.Usually narrow or fitted with a semicircular high neck, without sleeves.
  • A dressing gown is sewn free with a solid front closure, often worn with a belt.
  • Dress-polo - knitted, with a turn-down collar and a buckle to the chest.
  • Dress - dress on the straps without sleeves and collar.
  • A sari dress is a dress in Indian style from a long piece of fabric, without seams, it is draped in folds, forming a hem and a cape on the shoulder.
  • The dress-trapezoid, extended from the neck to the bottom, is usually sewn of thick fabric.
  • Dress qipao - Chinese dress made of silk, with a standing collar, with a smell, usually with a zipper, a slit on the side, also has embroidery.
  • Dress-shirt of thin knitwear, looks like a long shirt.
  • Dress safari looks like a shirt dress, but not so wide, made of natural fabric with patch pockets, turn-down collar, cuffs, slats, shoulder straps and with a belt.

What dresses are there besides those presented earlier? In addition to these models, types, styles of women's dresses very much!


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