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What are the causes of childhood enuresis

Causes of childhood enuresis

There are two types of childhood enuresis. In case of primary incontinence, it manifests itself during sleep, when the child does not wake up at the time when his bladder is full. Secondary develops due to acquired or congenital diseases.
The cause of enuresis may be immaturity or retention of the bladder and nervous system. In this case, various neuropsychiatric disorders, such as attention deficit disorder and behavioral disorders, may occur.
Also, the appearance of this disease can be affected by stress. For example, a change of scenery, separation from the mother, quarrels in the family circle.
Heredity has a great influence. If the parents of a child had the same problem as a child, most likely the baby will also face it.
The cause of childhood enuresis may be a violation of the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. It regulates the amount of urine produced. The more it is in the blood, the less fluid is formed.Normally, such a process occurs at night, but with incontinence, everything is exactly the opposite.
Also the cause of incontinence can be diseases of the urogenital system. This may be a narrowing of the urethra or a small bladder capacity.

Treatment of childhood enuresis

Treatment will depend on the cause of urinary incontinence. More often the disease is diagnosed and treated on an outpatient basis. As a rule, hospitalization is not required, unless enuresis is caused by diseases of the bladder and kidneys.
It is very important during the period of treatment to monitor the amount of fluid consumed by the child. Two hours before bedtime, it’s better not to drink at all, and to eliminate artificial and highly carbonated drinks during the day. Morses based on lingonberries and cranberries should also not be included in the diet, because they have a diuretic effect.
It is necessary to have dinner for a child at least three hours before bedtime. In the dinner should be included fruits, as well as milk and kefir. Food should be washed down with tea made from yarrow and hypericum.
At bedtime, check that the child goes to the toilet. For the night, leave the pot by the bed. It is better not to turn off the nightlight, because children are often afraid of the dark, but they are ashamed to say this to their parents.
To wake the child in the middle of the night is not necessary. This will interfere with the proper rest of the nervous system.
During the period of treatment is very important psychological comfort of the child. In no case should not allow the formation of feelings of guilt due to a wet bed. You can not punish and scold the baby, because it can lead to neuroticism.

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