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What are the caps in fashion?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 15, 2013
What are the caps in fashion?

To the delight of fashionistas, the winter and spring of 2013 are the season of pretty stylish hats. In this article, we will understand which hats are fashionable and which ones are not this year. Caps in military style, hats in retro-style, knitted hats with a fur pompon will help to easily change your image.

Winter hats

Find out what hats are in fashion in winter. Fur hats must be made in true Russian style. It can be tall papachas, cuban cubes, low or round, resembling a stack of hay, made from long-haired fur. They will also suit a cashmere coat and will look good with a sheepskin coat or a down jacket.

For fur coats, it is better to choose other options for hats. If it is long or made from long-haired fur (arctic fox, fox, raccoon), it is better to opt for a knitted model with fur pom-poms. In case the length of the fur coat to the knee and it is made of beaver, mink or nutria, you can try on a voluminous fur hat.

Turbans are still fashionable. They are worn in spring, with cloaks and coats, and in winter with fur coats or bulky down jackets.

If you don’t feel like wearing a headdress, then fur headphones will be most welcome. They have not lost their relevance for many years.

Spring Hats

It's time to find out what hats are in fashion this spring. Retro again. In order to emphasize the romantic mood of this season, stylists offer wide-brimmed hats. Maybe it will seem old-fashioned to someone, but fashion has a tendency to return.

Felt hats with narrow margins are also relevant. Well they will look with a classic coat. Bright colors are very fashionable. Preference should be given scarlet, blue and yellow headgear.

The bowler hat fits well with the image of a modern business woman. She will emphasize English style and will look good with jackets of men's cut and with trouser suits.

The turban hat does not leave the fashion catwalks for a long time, this season was no exception.

A wide bandage will become a rather fashionable trend this spring. This versatile headdress will go well with a jacket and a classic coat.

Kepi, the traditional headdress for spring, does not lose its relevance.Volumetric and somewhat hooligan caps will be fashionable. They will be combined with jackets and jackets from denim.


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