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What are the advantages of pharmaceutical cosmetics?

Recently, the pharmacy windows have been actively expanding not only at the expense of drugs, but also thanks to various lotions, creams, shampoos and other cosmetics in elegant and seductive packages.

Manufacturers of such cosmetics are not tired to emphasize that their products can be purchased only in pharmacies and nowhere else, what does this mean? Does this mean that it’s better than the one we used to buy in ordinary perfume stores?

Intuitively, I want to believe that such products do not just moisturize, nourish or cleanse the skin, but also heal, because it is not for nothing that they are presented only in a pharmacy. Like it or not, let's understand.

The market of pharmacy cosmetics in our country began to develop relatively recently, about 10 years ago, but today more and more brands are trying to produce products for pharmacies.

Usually such products are much more expensive than similar mass-market products, however, what is the fundamental difference between face creams from a pharmacy and products from a regular store or supermarket?

Pharmacy brands are products that can be purchased exclusively at pharmacies, and then not everywhere and not always, there are not as many of them as manufacturers of mass-market cosmetics and, before entering the market, it undergoes a special series of research and testing.

Unlike other perfumes and cosmetics, these shampoos and creams are more stringent requirements, more similar to the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Therapeutic and dermatological. This is the group that includes such well-known manufacturers as Uriage, Bioderma, Ducray Avene and others. Their main feature is in the content of active substances that are able to penetrate deep under the layer of the epidermis and bend around the surface layers that are an obstacle to the cosmetics of the mass market. These are usually medicinal preparations prescribed by a dermatologist if there are any skin problems, for example, severe rashes or dermatitis.
  • Pharmaceutical. This group includes the following popular brands: Galenic, Vichy, Lierac, Avene and others. Cosmetics of this group can be found not only in pharmacies, but also in specialized cosmetology shops, it is not a medical one and a prescription is not required for its acquisition.Means of this group can improve the general condition of the skin, as well as relieve it of minor troubles, mainly its action is aimed at slowing the aging process of the skin.

What are its advantages?

All this, of course, is good, but what fundamentally is this cosmetics different from any other and is there any sense to spend extra money on it? As we have said, the requirements for it are put forward much stricter and more serious, before releasing it for sale, manufacturers test cosmetics with complex checks, which is why its cost increases.

In general, medical cosmetics are designed to deal with the problems and treat various ailments of the skin or hair, and not to mask them, as is the case with mass market tools. It is, to a large extent, intended for people with thin and extremely sensitive skin, prone to irritation, or affected by any diseases.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that various pathologies of skin processes are, rather, an internal problem of the body that is difficult to cope with exclusively by external means, no matter how good and high-quality they are.

It needs to be understood and taken into account that, probably, the treatment will require complex, and therefore pharmaceutical cosmetics can complement this process, and not completely replace it.

It should also be noted that in the composition of cosmetics, which are sold in pharmacies, it is often found those components that are added to conventional cosmetics, such as hyaluric acid, thermal water, collagen, plant extracts and others, and those that are more common in drugs, such as calcium gluconate or dexpanthenol.

In addition, the undoubted advantage of such cosmetics is the fact that it, as a rule, strictly limits the content of preservatives, fragrances and other aids that are not very useful for our skin or hair.

Naturally, before buying such cosmetics, it is better to consult with a dermatologist, who can recommend the most suitable line in your case.

What do people say?

In an era of modern technology, almost everyone who cares about the quality of the products they buy tries to get acquainted with the opinions and opinions of people who have already tried something similar on their own.

Pharmaceutical cosmetics have recently become very popular and the passion for it continues to grow, but is everything as sweet as manufacturers describe? Unfortunately, the effect that they promise does not always coincide with reality, which is explained by different initial skin conditions, as well as by the presence (or absence) of complex treatment.

Also it should be remembered that the composition of any, even chemist's cosmetics, must be studied beforehand, because, unfortunately, there are not always all as good and high quality as the producers promise in beautiful advertising. Another point that is important to remember when buying pharmacies is its focus.

People with different types of skin, as well as with various diseases (which may have similar external manifestations), can be approached by a completely different type of pharmacy cosmetics.

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