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What 11 will exist in embroidery

You will need
  • Threads.
  • Needle.
  • The hoop.
  • The scheme for embroidery.
Before you begin to embroider, you need to write on the canvas with a pen or a special marker for the fabric that you dream about. When the picture is ready, perhaps the wish will come true.
Do not embroider at sunset. Such pictures bring sunset good luck.
You can not embroider in a bad mood. It is better to wait until the mood improves.
Embroidery can not be put on a sofa or bed, as the embroidery process can be delayed for a long time.
Embarking on a new pattern is necessary on the growing moon.
If you accidentally inject and injure yourself with a needle when embroidering, this means an error in embroidery.
The color of the thread is very important. Red tint brings money luck, and white is a symbol of happiness and well-being.
You should not choose the theme and plot of embroidery randomly. Approach this process carefully and with love.
When the knots are tied by themselves on the string, then this is good luck.
It is best to hang a picture on the southwest side of the house or apartment. This is the most safe zone.
The main thing is to embroider with a soul, to believe only in good and happy signs and then everything will definitely work out!

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