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Weather in Sochi in August 2016 according to weather forecasts. What is the usual August weather for Sochi

PSA --- 1The weather in Sochi in August 2016 will be quite dry, clear, hot and very comfortable for a beach holiday. Such conclusions can be drawn from the latest forecasts of the weather center. At the beginning of the month, soft heat will quickly change to the heat of summer, and thermometers will record temperatures around + 26 ... 28 ° C throughout the resort. Only by the end of the month torrential rains with thunderstorms will pass over the coast and the air will cool to + 23 ° C during the day and + 15 ... 17 ° C at night.

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The temperature of the water will satisfy the requirements of even the most inveterate "frost". Already in the first days of August, the sea warms up to + 24 ° C, and in the middle of the month it will reach + 25 ... 26 ° C. So if you have not yet decided where to spend your vacation, it's time to pay attention to Sochi and pre-book a comfortable room overlooking the coast.

What is the usual weather in Sochi at the beginning and end of August

Dry, hot and very clear - this is what the weather usually sets in Sochi in August. The average daily temperature at the beginning of the month confidently keeps at around + 25 ° C, however, in the midday hours it often exceeds + 32 ... 35 ° C. By night, the air cools to + 18 ... 20 ° C, but even this does not bring the desired relief. The situation is significantly aggravated by the very high (up to 78% and around 85-90% at night) humidity, especially characteristic of the middle and the end of the month.

Despite the heat, the resort in August is often covered with heavy rains, accompanied by thunderstorms and strong, gusty winds. In the mountains in the mornings there are thick fogs, so lovers of early walks should take waterproof jackets, warm sweaters and practical, closed shoes to rest. Otherwise explore the neighborhood and enjoy the sunrise will be extremely uncomfortable.

Tourists consider the second half of August to be the most pleasant for a holiday in Sochi. At this time, the heat subsides a bit, and the atmosphere at the resort becomes softer. However, it is recommended to be on the beach only in the morning to avoid possible sunburn and overheating.

Weather in Sochi in August - water temperature off the coast of the resort


Like the weather in Sochi in August, the temperature of the water off the coast of the city and the surrounding resort villages in the last summer month pleases with its affectionate warmth. Almost everywhere already in the first days the sea warms up to + 23 ... 24 ° C and this excellent figure persists until the beginning of September. True, to find a comfortable place on the beach is not always possible. At this time, the resort is experiencing a major influx of holidaymakers and the situation when the coastal zone does not literally turn around becomes the norm. By the end of the month, the water cools a little (on average by 1-2 degrees) and storms hit the coast. But they last, as a rule, not for long and the general picture of beach rest does not spoil.

Weather in Sochi in August 2016, which reports the weather center

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Weather forecast says that the weather in Sochi in August 2016 will give tourists and tourists a lot of pleasure. At the beginning of the month, the air temperature will start to increase actively and by the 6-7 number will reach a comfortable + 26 ... 28 ° C. From August 10 to 13 it will be record hot and the mercury column will closely approach the mark of + 30 ° C. The second decade will be consistently warm and will delight guests of the resort pleasant + 27 ° C during the day and + 20 ° C in the dark.At the end of the month, namely, from the 22nd day, the first rains will come to the region. Due to this, the temperature will decrease first to + 24 ° C, and by August 29-31 - to + 22 ° C.

The sea will show the guests of the resort all their best qualities. The water temperature will reach +24 ... + 25 ° C and will remain so until the end of the month. Light storms will fly a couple of times, but they will not stay for a long time and within a few hours the water surface will again become smooth, quiet and shiny like a mirror.

Strong, gusty winds are not expected, and a light night breeze will blow at a speed not exceeding 2.6 m / s and globally will not affect weather conditions. However, taking a light scarf, a tippet or a thin windbreaker with you to the resort will not hurt. All these things are not utyat, but will comfortably walk around the city and surroundings in any weather until the morning.


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Weather in Sochi in August 2016 according to weather forecasts. What is the usual August weather for Sochi
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