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Weather in Moscow for February 2017 - the forecast from the weather center. What weather to expect in the Moscow region at the beginning and end of February

PMF-001There will be no global cataclysms and unexpected surprises, and the weather in Moscow in February 2017 will not go beyond average statistical norms. This is the forecast for the capital and the region gives the domestic hydrometeorological center. Traditionally, at the beginning of the month, the most snow will fall and the most severe frosts will break out, but by the end the weather will replace anger with mercy and Moscow will enter with spring with quite loyal temperature indicators - -3 ... 5 ° C during the day and about -7 ... 11 ° C at night .

By what weather is expected in the capital, it is possible to judge about the expected weather situation in the area. In the north of the region, slightly lower temperature indicators will be recorded,and the south will delight a little warmer air. However, these shades will be expressed in 2-3 degrees and will not affect the general climatic situation too much.

The most accurate weather forecast for February 2017 in Moscow

A preliminary weather forecast claiming to be the most accurate, claims that February 2017 in Moscow will be traditionally cold and cloudy. In the first four days, the daytime temperature will be -17 ... 20 ° C, and at night the mercury column will descend even lower and become colder outside to -22 ... 26 ° C. On the 5th and 6th the weather will soften slightly and in the daytime the thermometers will show only -5 ... 7 ° C, and in the evening the air will cool to -14 ... 20 ° C. The snow, which began on February 4, will cover the streets of Moscow with a dense white veil and will stop only late on the 7th.


From 8 to 10 a strong cold will return to Moscow again and the air temperature will drop to -12 ... 15 ° C during the daytime, and at night it will drop another 3-4 degrees lower. On the 9th and 10th, in spite of the prickly frost, the sun will finally break through the thick clouds and pamper the residents and guests of the capital with clear days. However, already from 11 the sky will start to frown again, and the cloudy weather will last until the end of the month.

From February 12 to February 20 in Moscow will be moderately cold.The average daily temperature readings will be -11 ... 17 ° C, and at night the thermometers will record -15 ... 27 ° C. In the middle of the month from 14 to 17 February in Moscow the level of humidity will rise sharply. The snow lying on the streets will soften and it will become very uncomfortable to move around the city on foot.

21 the air temperature in Moscow will rise sharply to 0 ° C, but in the next two days it will collapse again to -6 ... 12 ° C during the day and -15 ... 16 ° C at night. The gray overcast sky tightened snow clouds, but rain will not and this trend will continue until the last days of the month. On the 24th, a cyclone from Europe will bring warming to Moscow and the city will meet the first month of spring with quite loyal temperature indicators (-3 ° C during the day and -8 ... 12 ° C at night).

What weather will be in Moscow at the beginning and end of February 2017 - information from the weather center


Traditionally frosty and overcast - this is what the weather will be in February 2017 in Moscow, as reported by the State Hydrometeorological Center. Forecasters claim that the most severe cold will fall at the beginning of the month, and more precisely for the period from 1 to 4 numbers. On these days, the air will cool down to -17 ... 20 ° C in the morning and -26 ° C at night. From February 5 until the very end of the month, the mercury columns will not fall below -16 ° C in the afternoon, and in the evening the thermometer will record a maximum of -24 ° C.

Cold weather in Moscow in February will be pierced by the north wind, which is very characteristic of the last winter month. Despite the fact that its speed does not exceed 3.5-4 m / s, it will be very uncomfortable to be on the street at such a moment.

Most of the precipitation will fall in the first decade of the month, but due to a stable sub-zero temperature, snow drifts and ice will remain until the last days of February, so you will have to move along the roads with great care. Traumatologists recommend that residents and guests of Moscow during this period of time change their elegant shoes to more comfortable, stable models, look carefully at their feet and go down the stairs as carefully as possible. These simple tips will help to avoid unexpected injuries, frostbite and other negative aspects associated with ice and snow.

Weather in the Moscow region in February 2017 - what the weather forecasters say


Almost the same as the weather in Moscow in February 2017, there will be a weather situation in the Moscow region in the last month of winter. The forecast of the weather center says that the lowest temperature indicators will be fixed at the beginning of February in the north and north-west of the region.Here, the thermometers will show about -23 ... 25 ° C in the daytime, and at night the mercury column will closely approach the critical mark of -30 ° C. The bitter cold will recede only at the end of the month, and the average temperature will be -12 ... 17 ° C in the morning and -18 ... 20 ° C in the evening.

In the south and southeast, the weather will traditionally be warmer. On average, the air will cool to -12 ... 15 ° C in the daytime, and at night the thermometer will slide to -16 ... 19 ° C. In the southern regions, the largest amount of precipitation will fall and stable snow cover will lie until the beginning of spring, and in some settlements almost until mid-March.


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