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We make a sleepy hare from polymer clay

We make a sleepy hare of polymer clay- a master class in modeling polymer clay or clay cute bunny. Great master class for joint work with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay;
  2. tool;
  3. toothpick.

Step 1

First of all, let's get down to sculpting the body of the bunny, we roll up the body and make abdomen from white polymer clay. Then sculpt the legs and fasten them to the body of the bunny. Next, insert the toothpick on top - it will hold the body and head of the bunny.

Step 2

Now we make a bunny's head, eyes can be drawn, for example, with an ordinary hand. We mold and fasten the ears, the nose and form the mouth. In the end, "put on" the head on the toothpick.

Polymer clay (plasticine) bunnyis ready.


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