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We do crafts from buttons: master classes with photos


Surely your mothers or grandmothers in the bins preserved a whole box with buttons. Do not rush to throw them away. From the old buttons can get surprisingly attractive crafts. You can make a variety of crafts: panels, belts, Christmas balls, original bracelet, a bowl for storing small things or chocolates. They can decorate the collar on the sweater, ballet flats, handbag. Such a trifle as a button carries a lot of opportunities for needlewomen. The attractiveness of this accessible material lies in the fact that it can be used to make useful gadgets or handicrafts for the soul, including for kids in kindergarten or school.

Christmas ball of buttons


What crafts can be made from old buttons? Incredibly bright, beautiful, stylish Christmas balls! Such creative work will certainly be attractive for children, because it is not only interesting, but also very useful.After all, this beautiful and voluminous handicraft of buttons you will admire in the New Year holidays for more than one year. Surely such toys will eventually become the category of cute family values. In addition, such a wonderful crafts can be attributed to kindergarten!

Necessary materials and tools

For work we will need:

  • buttons of different colors;
  • beads;
  • foam base ball;
  • satin ribbons;
  • needles-carnations.

Step-by-step master class

According to the proposed instructions, even children aged 5-6 years under the guidance of adults can make a voluminous hand-made of buttons from a button - a Christmas tree ball.

Important! Children 3-4 years old is not desirable to make crafts from buttons, because kids can easily swallow such a small thing!

  1. The first step is to prepare the foam base.


On a note! If you do not have a polystyrene ball, do not rush into frustration. The basis can be made of paper or old newspapers using the technique of papier-mรขchรฉ.

  1. At the base in the center you need to make a hole for fastening the loop.


  1. Next you need to fasten with the help of needle-nails buttons, hooking with each element one bead.

Note! If you do not want to mess around with studs, you can fix the decor with a heat gun.

  1. Walking in a circle, you need to decorate the whole ball with buttons and beads.Do not leave free sites. Let the foam base is not translucent.


  1. In the place where we left a hole for the mount, you need to fix the thread. You can complement it with beautiful satin bows. You can choose the hue of this element yourself, guided by the given color range of the whole product.


By the way, from the buttons, which turned out to be unnecessary or from new elements, it turns out another stylish and original Christmas decor for the house. You can make Christmas wreaths, postcards, panels in the form of Christmas trees or the tree itself, using as a basis a cone of thick paper. Ideas - a great many! Below is a selection of photos with ideas for decorating Christmas balls and other Christmas decorations.


Bright button bracelet


Not only experienced craftsmen, but also beginning needlewomen can make original hand-made articles from buttons. So, from the buttons, which were unnecessary, you can make the original bracelets. Such bright accessories can highlight your individuality. Like a bracelet made of buttons and children who can boast of such a decoration in kindergarten.The attractiveness of this accessory lies in the fact that it is possible to use both old and spare buttons for it, which were once cut off from clothes. If you show a bit of fantasy and creativity, then you will certainly get an original decoration for your hand.

Necessary materials and tools

To make a bright, original bracelet, we need the simplest tools and materials. Here they are:

  • elastic thread;
  • multi-colored buttons of different sizes;
  • needle for sewing.

Step-by-step master class

Each needlewoman will be able to make a bright, beautiful, original bracelet from buttons at home. It is not difficult at all. If you have a daughter or younger sister, then the creative process will be at times more exciting. It is not so difficult to create such crafts from buttons with your own hands if you rely on a master class with a photo.

  1. First you need to prepare all the buttons from which you decide to create an exclusive bracelet. Details should be arranged in pairs. One set should include one big and one small button.


  1. Lay the workpieces in length on the work surface.Combine shades as you like.


  1. Take the needle. Thread the gum into it. Use the material you need length in accordance with the specified size of the bracelet. Gently string buttons on the gum.


  1. Next, you need to seal the ends of the bracelet. How to do it better? Everything is very simple here. It is suggested to tie both ends on the accessory with small neat knots.


Here is our original bracelet made of buttons. The decoration is very bright and unusual. He will be happy to include adult women of fashion and little princesses in his ensembles.


By the way, from buttons you can make other effective accessories, which you just do not meet with other women of fashion. It can be stylish bracelets, original necklaces or beads, funny earrings, luxurious belts, bright rims. They can decorate handbags, wallets, shoes or hats. In the selection of pictures below, several interesting ideas of button articles are proposed.








Button belt


Continuing the theme of creating accessories with their own hands from buttons, it is worth noting the possibility of making a creative belt from such tiny little things that have proven to be unnecessary.As a result, you will have an unusual decoration that will decorate your everyday ensemble. Such a belt can be made to both mother and daughter. The result will be a family-look style kit. At the same time, such lightweight crafts from buttons are made literally into โ€œone-two.โ€

Necessary materials

To make this elementary simple do-it-yourself button-making with your own hands, you will need a minimal set of tool materials. They do not need long to look for specialized shops. Here is the list:

  • scissors;
  • bright buttons;
  • thick white threads;
  • needle.

On a note! If possible, pick up buttons of approximately the same size.

Step-by-step master class

You definitely shouldn't have any difficulties with making a bright belt of buttons, since the work is aimed at novice needlewomen.

  1. The first step is to prepare all the necessary materials and tools.


  1. Now you can start work without unnecessary delay. To begin with, it is recommended to determine the optimal length of the belt. For this you need to take the thread and wrap them around the waist. When you get a whole circle, you need to add another 10 cm to this figure. The thread is cut off.The material must be held through the hole in the buttons.


  1. A loop is created at the end of the thread.


Here, in fact, our creative belt is ready.

Handicraft of buttons in kindergarten


You can make wonderful crafts from buttons in kindergarten. Of these, it is easy to make panels or original toys. Here the imagination of needlewomen is not limited by anything. Buttons can be glued, sewn, planted on clay. Very beautiful is a children's fake of buttons in the form of a tree on paper.

Necessary materials and tools

To create original crafts from buttons in kindergarten, you need to prepare these materials and tools:

  • acrylic paints;
  • brush;
  • canvas on stretcher;
  • glue;
  • Buttons of different colors and sizes.

Step-by-step master class

Together with the child to do the original craft for kindergarten is a snap.

  1. First you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials.


  1. Need to draw a tree trunk on canvas. To do this, use acrylic paint brown. Draw as many branches and branches on the trunk (this will make the picture more voluminous). Try to draw the barrel is not strictly in the center.It is better to move from the lower right to the upper left. The result will be a diagonal composition, which will give it a dynamic.


On a note! Do not forget that first the outline of the tree is better to draw with a pencil, then the resulting pattern should be painted over.

  1. The image must be well dried. Now you can start attaching buttons. They need to stick to the trunk of a tree. It is recommended to imitate sheets and flowers from them.


Optimally select buttons in a single color range. For example, you can take white, red and pink buttons. Then you will get an applique resembling flowering sakura. But no less beautiful and get a green tree.

Below is a selection of photos with ideas for handicrafts for kindergarten.


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